Pure Luxury Drops A New Single “WTH”

Pure Luxury is a charismatic Los Angeles-bred rapper. Today, he delivers his new single, “WTH,” with a desire to make music that goes well beyond just the L.A. sound. Pure Luxury releases the upbeat and commercial-friendly track from his upcoming project Original P. Refusing to stick to the script and with his sights on the end of the pandemic “WTH” visual is a hilarious slice of Pure Luxury’s humor.

“The project is called Original P, I feel like my sound is current and diverse on this project, but it’s still cohesive and as far as the sound,” Pure Luxury said. “People’s attention spans are so short, that I think for people to appreciate it they have to hear music that is straight to the point.”

– Pure Luxury

Raised in Inglewood and L.A.’s west side of the city, Pure Luxury is a multi-talented rapper who also plays the guitar, saxophone, and drums after his parents introduced him to music around the age of 5 or 6. Having previously attended USC’s Thornton School of Music, Pure Luxury stepped away from college amidst the Coronavirus pandemic and the school’s rising tuition cost of more than 75k per year.

Pure Luxury

Pure Luxury’s Team

“Enrgy is this producer that made the beat, I found him on Youtube and his shit is crackin’, this shit be going crazy. It’s just a turn up song, I was irritated at my girl and I had to make something to turn up. That’s how I release my frustrations, I think people are gonna relate to it.”

-Pure Luxury

“I’ve been making music since I was 5 or 6 years old. I play guitar, saxophone, drums, stuff like that. Moreover, I started just going crazy making beats in high school, and my friend inspired me to rap. After unsuccessfully trying to get big rappers on beats, I said f*ck it I’m gonna do it myself,” Pure Luxury explained.

“Then I went to college; I never even wanted to go to college, but I went to school at USC, and I went to the Thornton School of Music. It made my parents happy and you have to get what you need out of school. I didn’t want to go into debt – 200 racks for a degree.”

Pure Luxury Touring With YG

From quitting school to touring with YG on a nationwide tour, Pure Luxury has had quite the run as he recently recalled his time on tour with YG and first getting his shot to blow up.

“When I went on tour with YG, it was crackin. Then I thought I was about to blow up once I was about to go on tour with Game too. YG had hit me, and his little brother tapped in and started managing me. I ended up signed to the president of 400 Ent, D Moore, in 2020. The whole timeline is crazy, but pretty much I signed a deal. He was giving me a little bit of bread, but I didn’t feel like we utilized everything we had. I’m pretty much at the point with this whole Coronavirus stuff where I’ve upgraded my sound. I’m more mature with my sound and what I was doing was good. Although, it was some West Coast sh*t, and I don’t want to get boxed in.”

– Pure Luxury

P In Closing

P’s sound is fun and upbeat and it’s turn-up music. I mean honestly man I just want to get to the bag, it just depends on the mood. Honestly, I don’t need crazy lyrics. I don’t care if I’m the greatest rapper ever, I just want to make stuff that’s dope,” he added.

Describing his new project Original P, Pure Luxury said he wants people to have fun. It’s necessary during this time of stress and tragedy with COVID-19. The new video for “WTH” reflects that fun and excitement that’s building for when things open back up in L.A.

Check it out today!

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