Punk Adams Is Bringing a New Nostalgia Vibe With His Latest Single “Fantasy”

During a time where many are unmotivated, there is a particular sense of determination from artists to standout musically. Moreover, this determination comes from those who value the unique qualities they possess to bring a new sound to music. Furthermore, rising Brooklyn singer-songwriter Punk Adams is determined to be that artist for R&B music today. Having opportunities in songwriting and being featured on BillboardPunk Adams brings his “just be you unapologetically” mentality to the world with his new single, “Fantasy”.

“Fantasy” is an ode to the legendary but a step into a new era of R&B/Soul; something mainstream has missed. “I’m bringing a new feel-good vibe to music—it has to feel good or else it’s lost” 

Punk Adams on today’s music
Punk Adams

Two words that perfectly describe Punk, cool and collected. Wanting something that he can’t have, Punk Adams effortlessly describes being in awe of his crush. Knowing his crush is already in a relationship without being overbearing or forceful, Punk expresses how he feels. Adams’ laidback personality heard in his vocals, brings “Fantasy” to life. A record that brings a nostalgic vibe similar to the storytelling done by R&B greats such as Usher in ‘You Make Me Wanna’. 

“Fantasy is based on the sounds that influenced me as an artist, it’s nostalgic in a modern way” — Punk on what ‘Fantasy’ means to him

Compared to legends such as Missy Elliott because of his very unique style and sound, Punk Adams music will instantly grab one’s attention. Lastly, be sure to follow and connect with him on all social media. For updates on music, performances, and more: @punkadams

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