PRLM CHLD Is Philly’s New Pride & Joy

Philadelphia trio, PRLM CHLD is known for an eclectic repertoire of styles. They are now delivering their long-awaited debut EP, PRLM CHLD Vol. 1. Featuring members Scottie Kash, Hovlaine, and Pride Zu, responsible for a majority of the production, Vol. 1 is a powerful and much-welcome introduction to this gifted group.

PRLM Vol. 1 means a lot since it’s the first project I ever dropped as an artist. I’ve been making music for years producing and writing. I always held back on releasing for one reason or another. My journey with PRLM CHLD has been synonymous with my personal journey. One of the most important things I’ve learned along this journey is that my imperfections are a big part of what makes me special.

-Pride Zu

PRLM CHLD Is Ready To Shine

Including elements of Hip Hop, R&B, and Reggae, Vol. 1 is a short, yet impressively diverse body of work that effortlessly balances politically charged social commentary with the vibes needed to keep any bashment jumping.  

With the only feature being FH Snoop on stand out, wine-inducing track “Body,” PRLM CHLD give themselves plenty of room to showcase their array of skills. From setting the tone on the intro with the melodic and confident “Run Me My Shit,” the entrancingly moody, “Party,” and an anthem for apprehensive millennials, “Heart on the Shelf,” Vol. 1, has a little something for everyone to enjoy. 

Check out our dope conversation discussing PRLM CHLD’s debut 7-track EP, PRLM Vol. 1 below!

What’s it like being a trio in the game of mostly solo talent?

Hov: I think this sets us apart from the rest because we’re giving you different flavors and sounds from our different backgrounds and culture. The blend we’re giving you isn’t being done right now, and it’s what the game needs, which is CHANGE.

Zu: It’s dope! Each of us could stand on our own and move heavy so all three of us together… we gonna take over the world!

Kash: I just think it gives us the advantage to be able to be such a package deal we can give you 3 types of vibes and perspectives and that’s a big flex! The Rudeboy rockstar rebel, the Haitian Queen & the Young Real Nigga King! It’s up and it’s stuck!

After watching your videos on YouTube, it’s clear that the three of you have an impressive chemistry. Was there a moment that you can remember where you all acknowledged forming PRLM CHLD was the right move?

Hov: I believe it was the time we started creating music together. We got to see what each other brought to the table and it was dope.

ZU: I’m from the badlands in North Philly… I throw a lot; it takes a while to open up and trust people, especially when it comes to my dream! I met Scottie in 2nd grade, and we disconnected in 4grade when I got kicked out of that school… And I met Hov threw our mentor at the time maybe a year or two before, and we hung out a few times, and she had a very genuine vibe about her, which I super connected with… So when we started, I already connected with both of them after we went through certain things together but what stamped it for me was how we looked together!! Everywhere we went people reacted… That’s when I knew we had something special!

Kash: I agree with Hov it was def the moment we starting really diving into the creative process together! After hearing a lot of the tracks come together and seeing how our style complimented each other I knew this was gonna be a game changer! Cause we all were working solo and doing dope shit already so knowing that. it only made sense to band together, we somethin like the avengers

Have you embraced the Fugees comparisons? 

Hov: Yeah of course! It’s an honor and s/o to Wyclef for Reposting us on his instagram page.

Zu: For sure, I produce, sing, rap, and play instruments. Hov sing and raps. Scottie rap and he get in his singing bag too. The thing that connects us with the Fugees the most is our passion and purpose!! We are here to start a movement and push King’s and Queens to connect with their purpose! The Fugees stood for something, and so does PRLM CHLD!

Kash: Hell yeah, it was def a thought! Especially knowing how successful they were. We know that’s not represented in the game right now, and we are happy to bridge that gap

How did ‘PRLM, Vol. 1’ come about? What was the biggest challenge in creating this project?

Group: PRLM VOL 1 is a collection of songs we made as we developed over the last couple years. “Run Me My Shit” was one of the first songs we ever recorded. “Body” was recorded a few weeks before the drop! We were ready to give people a glimpse of what PRLM CHLD can do so we put together a few songs out of our vault that we connected with and let them go! The hardest part was picking which songs we were gonna release! We have ALOT of music in the vault!

Do you feel as though Caribbean culture is accurately represented in Hip Hop? In your opinion, does Caribbean culture receive proper credit for its influence in Hip Hop?

Hov: There is a lot of Caribbean influence in the game. For example, Rihanna from Barbados and Nicki Minaj from Trinidad are some of the biggest stars today. Jamaica’s influence on how the drum’s sound today is ridiculous. But I believe all genres, especially Pop music, should give more credit to Caribbean culture, not just hip hop.

Kash: Caribbean culture is one of the pillars of hip-hop and it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. You see and hear the influence but you don’t see the Caribbean legends like Beanie Man, Bounty Killer, Sean Paul & Vybz Kartel receive their flowers. I’m Jamaican so it’s important to bring that light to the Caribbean culture and show people what it really is to experience those vibrations

Zu: Before PRLM CHLD I started diving into the sounds of the Caribbean studying drake and Rihanna! I respect the culture and pride Caribbean’s have! I do agree with Scottie though we could shed more light on Caribbean artist and hip hops roots in the Caribbean.

The cover art for Vol. 1 is extremely creative! What do you want listeners of your music to grasp from this cover art?

Group: People need to understand that even if someone is labeled negatively, it doesn’t mean defining them! We all were labeled the “problem child” and said we wouldn’t be who we are, but we didn’t let that stop us! The cover captures the rebels we are cause we willing to go against the grain! That’s how we carry it!! It’s cool to be you and live by your own rules. Make sure you can deal with the results; however, they fall and stay 10 toes!

Also, I saw the 444 in your video, are you all into numerology?

Hov: No

Zu: I’m not really into it

Kash: Funny that you say that honestly; when we shot the video, we weren’t even thinking about it. After research, I have seen it represents protection and encouragement; sometimes, you manifest things and don’t realize it

What do you all have planned for the rest of the year?

Group: We just gone keep applying pressure and make sure PRLM VOL.1 wake these folks up! VOL.1 is just our introduction to the world it’s so much more where that came from! We got visuals , merch and whole bunch of content to drop pon dem! ISSA PRLM!

Stream the album today!

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