Prince Jay’s New Single “Same Old Kid” 

It’s no secret that a lot of popular songs are about relationships – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Oftentimes, these songs can feel like they’re speaking to us directly, as if they’ve been written specifically for us and our situation. While that may not always be the case, there’s no denying that certain songs just seem to hit different when we’re going through a tough time in our love lives. One of these songs is “Same Old Kid” by American singer-songwriter Prince Jay.

The song is about the never-ending cycle of a toxic relationship, where the two are repeatedly drawn back to each other despite the arguments and heartbreak.

Since the release of his debut album in 2019, Prince Jay has been making a name for himself in the music industry with his unique sound and amazing vocals. His latest single, “Same Old Kid”, is no exception. The song embodies a relatable topic for many people, and Prince Jay does an amazing job of conveying the emotions of the situation through his lyrics and melodies. The production by Donavelo is outstanding overall, with a great mix of rhythm and melodies that create a catchy, yet emotional sound. Prince Jay’s vocals are the star of the show, though, as he hits all the right notes and really brings the song to life. “Same Old Kid” is a moving song that is sure to become a favorite amongst Prince Jay’s fans worldwide.

Listen to “Same Old Kid”

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