Prettyboy DO Releases “Fallen” For Fans

Prettyboy DO is Africa’s fastest-rising act recently. Today, he unveils his latest heater, “Falling” ft IAMDDB. This is coming ahead of his upcoming album “Love Is War”. Emerging with warm lo-fi synths, DO’s powerful vocals glide between a galaxy of trap-hats and floor-shaking 808s. Moreover, with deftly executed production, courtesy of HVRRY, the track provides a solid foundation for Prettyboy DO’s expressive lyricism to dominate the soundscape in an elegant and stirring fashion. Partnered with IAMDDB’s unexpected fierce entrance, singing in her mother tongue, “Falling” is an unstoppable fusion of passion, culture, and good vibes.

“Falling is a 2021 version of a familiar story, a girl and guy with outside attachments fall in instant love and are forced to deal with the dilemma”.

-Prettyboy DO

As a dual Nigerian/US Citizen, DO absorbs global culture daily. Moreover, drawing early inspiration from artists like Craig David, Fela Kuti, Travis Scott, and Naeto C. As the son of a decorated Nigerian military man, he understands the traditions and way of life back home. Moreover, he chooses to fight for a generation of African Youth to feel free to express themselves. Furthermore, this helps them tell their own stories.

DO is boasting tastemaker support from the likes of Complex, Dazed, The Face, New Wave Magazine, and more. Furthermore, he also made a fan out of fellow Port Harcourt native Burna Boy. Fans are happy to know he has a fiery project titled “L” ve Is War” “n the way. Prettyboy is in good standing to ascend into the upper echelons of African talent, taking the world by storm. Furthermore, armed with a unique artistic disposition, cutting-edge look, and a solid team, Prettyboy DO continuously proves why he’s becoming Nigeria’s cross-generational African punk icon.

Lastly, check out the popular new single “Falling” here today!

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