Pressa Is Bringing His Authentic Toronto Flare To The World

Pressa is always going to be a well-known name in Toronto. His rise to prominence stretches way further than his hometown neighborhood in Driftwood. Canada is home to some of the most successful acts in Hip-Hop & R&B. Recording artists like Drake, The Weeknd, and Justin Beiber have all made a name for themself in America. Now, Pressa is looking to take his legendary status in the “6ix” to the world this year. 2021 was an excellent year for the bold street lyricist. His American affiliations stretch across every region in the country. His newest project Gardner Express (Deluxe), is a perfect example. Moreover, the extended version of his initial project is discreet and personal. Pressa discussing his life-changing move to Los Angeles and other internal changes speaks to his maturity as a man.

He is a big fish in Toronto; now, he’s looking to become one in the US. He knows how important it is to build a name in America. His main goal is to take his art worldwide! Garner Express (Deluxe) is an album that dives into who Pressa is at his core while also looking to his future self. Furthermore, everyone searching for success has to learn how to grow internally. Reflection, strategy, and action are three words that came to mind during our extensive interview. Pressa is a man with great pride. He will not be stopped as long as his willpower and work ethic remain high. Our conversation with the Toronto creative gave us a lot of insight. Moreover, we discussed his journey to LA, his new project, and his plans to take over the world in 2022.

Read the meeting of the introspective dialogue below!

Introduce yourself to those in the world who do not know Pressa just yet!

Pressa: My name is Pressa, and I am an artist from Toronto, Canada. I have been making music since 2016. You know, I make melodic rap, and that’s how I got to where I am now.

Gardner Express is one of the doper projects that have dropped this year. It is also so transparent, was that the goal when you were making it?

Pressa: The goal for Gardner Express was to show my transition from Canada to the US. I wanted people to know the journey honestly.

As far as standout records, Beenie is it for me. I wanted to know why they called you that growing up. Can you explain that?

Pressa: That’s what they called me before I started rapping. We had a lot of exposure in the city before we started rapping. I never thought I would be a rapper.

You have worked with a lot of dope acts from America. You also have all the attention from the legends of Toronto. Who are some of your favorite to work with in the US?

Pressa: Rowdy Rebel & Lil Uzi Vert are two of my favorites. Swae Lee is my dog also. They are all just very genuine people that are cool outside of the music.

You were cemented in Toronto before trying to build in the US. Do you feel like a big fish moving to a bigger pond?

Pressa: When I first came to America, no one knew who I was. Now, many people ask for pictures and stuff when I walk around. I have a lot of New York friends! I like when people come up to me when I am out. It lets me know that I am working.

Can you talk about what your hometown of Toronto means to you?

Pressa: My whole family grew up in Toronto. That’s what it stands for. All of my family, friends, and people that care for me are there. This is different than the people I am just now meeting, you know. I’ve known some people back home for over 20 years. Toronto is home. Nothing will ever feel like this city. It is always home.

Pressa x Drake

If you could invite some people from Toronto that inspired you musically to dinner who would they be?

Pressa: Houdini, Burna Bandz, and Tory Lanez are all people I respect musically from my city.

What inspired you to start making music?

Pressa: I used to listen to a lot of 50 Cent. My friend passed away in a shoot-out with the police when I was younger. I made a song about it, and that song just blew up!

What do you want people to know about you that they do not know just yet?

Pressa: You do not have to look like the stereotype if you are in the streets. If you are a real person, you do not have to put up a front. Just carry yourself how you always do; you do not have to force it.

Lastly, what’s next for Pressa?

Pressa: I have a single coming top of this year. It is going to be a fire year!

Pressa is one of the most interesting new acts in the industry. Although he gets a lot of love on the blogs for his high-profile relationship, his music sees the same amount of love. Critics know his unique voice and seasoned past make him a one-of-a-kind artist. Furthermore, check out the deluxe version of his newest album Gardner Express below!

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