Pouya & Denzel Curry Share “Wig Split”

Pouya is well-equipped to annihilate aggressive instrumentals. Coming through with a subwoofer-obliterating banger, Pouya connects with fellow Miami native Denzel Curry for Wig Split,” his new single. Furthermore, a gloriously cacophonous collision of buzzing synths and droning, subsonic bass, “Wig Split” is purpose-built for mosh pit mayhem. Offering high-octane verses from both rappers, the new song blitzes by in just more than 2 minutes. Furthermore, Pouya revels in his womanizing ways and Denzel threatens to crack skulls in his own inimitable fashions. “Leave your body cold like a bad kid on Christmas,” spits Denzel. “Wig Split” is the latest glimpse of Blood Was Never As Thick As Water, Pouya’s next album.

Expanding his sonic palette to add elements of jazz, dream pop, and even Bay Area-style mob music on tape highlight “One Deep In Fleetwood,” the new album finds Pouya searching for new canvases on which to paint with his rapid-fire flows. Equally suited for longtime fans and newcomers alike, Blood Was Never Thick As Water complements the cerebral moments with bangers like “Out The Mud,” primed to set any festival moshpit aflame.

Pouya & Denzel Curry Are High Energy Rappers

The album’s title subverts a popular aphorism. Moreover, Pouya celebrates a chosen family of artists and friends who accepted his idiosyncrasies and outré creativity in a way that his birth family never could. Featuring previously released songs like the recently released “Leave Me Alone,” the Lu Baby collaboration “Walk In,” and the jazz-inflected The First Step Of Becoming God Is A Bottle To The Face,” which received a thought-provoking video last week, Blood Was Never Thick As Water arrives on October 22nd.

Listen to “Wig Split” featuring Denzel Curry here below!

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