Pop Dotarachi Makes A Play with “Jerry Rice”

Harlem’s own Pop Dotarachi makes a dramatic entrance with his debut single “Jerry Rice”. His pop-star persona and infectious hooks will have the track stuck in your head all day. In fact, he even got the attention of the NFL superstar, who commented and responded to every single person on his promotional Instagram post. He brings his trademark swag to the song and supports his team. The cover art for the track shows this, as he highlights members of the Fox 5 collectives, such as 2TurnT, Gizz.5, and Yung Rah, as well as collaborator Jay Prezi.

Pop Dotarachi is ready to join 2020’s class of rising artists, along with his Fox 5 family. They have some exciting things planned and are ready to keep driving out content. “Jerry Rice” by Pop Dotarachi is available on all platforms.

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