Pop Certified: Darien Joseph Is Committed To Unifying People Through His Music

We love to groove to a tune that hits our minds or touches our hearts. We connect to the lyrics, love the sound, and listen to the song repeatedly because it soothes our hearts. However, we usually don’t even consider or appreciate the amount of effort that goes into creating soulful songs. All we relate to is the artist or the singer who becomes the face or voice of the song. Producers, songwriters, and composers are often deprived of their due recognition because they are background heroes. This is where rising music artist and online pop sensation Darien Joseph is making a difference as a one-man band. 

Darien started his journey as a part-time DJ at a local club in New York. Soon after graduating college, Darien became jobless due to the pandemic as clubs and restaurants were shut down. He fought depression and financial crisis by seeking solace in music, and that’s when he decided to pursue it as a full-time career. With a refined sense of melody and impeccable knowledge of beats, Darien dropped his debut instrumental track at the beginning of 2021, instantly becoming a viral trend on social media. 

Unfortunately, Darien‘s newfound fame was short-lived as he faced a baseless allegation of plagiarism from other artists. His social media profile was flooded with hateful comments and criticism as people thought he was a cheap copy. Darien overcame the situation with grit and resilience. He started working hard to hone his craft and went beyond just producing or mixing. He became a one-man band, writing his songs, composing them, producing the music, and even editing them. Darien knew this was the only way to showcase his dynamic talent and break the image of being a fake artist.

By the end of 2021, Darien dropped his first single, “Sunshine,” which became a chart-topping track on digital streaming platforms. After a while, Darien regained his subscriber base and currently has more than 5K monthly listeners on Spotify. Following the success of his first song as an independent artist, Darien dropped his next single, “Autumn,” in May 2022, which exploded on streaming services across the internet. 

“Autumn” is an energetic song with a strong message of positivity and hope. People instantly connected with the song because of its groovy tunes and soulful lyrics. The success of “Autumn” has earned Darient he opportunity to work with prominent artists in the industry. Counted among the biggest rising stars in the digital music realm, Darien already has a clear roadmap set out for the future. He wants to be a musician with a purpose instead of blindly chasing fame and money. 

Darien wants to motivate people through music so they find the strength to overcome their toughest times. Currently, Darien spends more than 10 hours a day in his studio to create fresh and unique music as he wants to live up to his fans’ expectations. He plans to go on tour to different countries to ensure his music reaches more people, changing their perspectives about life. Going forward, Darien will continue to be a one-man band as he feels that’s how his artistic expression reaches the optimal level in the music he creates.

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