Poncho Biggs Taps Baha Bank$ For New Single

Poncho Biggs is a rising rhymer with ambitious goals and new music on the way. Most people know him as Lil Kaotik, but he recently changed his stage name. When asked why he changed his name from Kaotik to Poncho Biggs, he explained to True Star.

“Poncho Biggs is a more meaningful name to me. Poncho has been my nickname since I was a shorty. Biggs is my grandpa’s last name. I feel it better represents who I am.”

Now, better known as Poncho Biggs, he arrives with a fresh new single! Prior, Biggs’ latest single, “Like That”, accumulated 1 million views and counting. In celebration, he returns with his most recent release. The trendy new track titled, “Back Into It,” featuring Baha Bank$, serves as an uptempo, hype hit! 

In fact, the high-quality production took a collaborative effort that we are all here for. Multifaceted artist, Poncho tapped into his production bag for the brand new banger. Additionally, he tag teams the hard-hitting beat by tapping 4KGotIt and Antonio Velaz

Keeping up with the momentum, Poncho’s records have been praised by the masses. So far his catalog has piqued the interest of The Source Magazine, Verizon, The Nerve DJ’s, and a slew of others. Like any great emerging emcee, Biggs seeks to leave his imprint on the world. Despite considering Jay Z to be one of the most intelligent businessmen in music, the entertainer whose legendary career Poncho Biggs most aspires to emulate is Tupac Shakur.

I say him because people still play his music and still consider him one of the greats, and that’s how I want to be.”

Poncho Biggs’ new single “Back Into It,” featuring Baha Bank$, is now available on all digital streaming platforms courtesy of Xxelulous Music Group, which is distributed by 300 Entertainment/ Sparta Distribution. If you haven’t already, press play on the hot new single! Let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine

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