Polo G Proves He’s Next Up With New Album “The GOAT”

Coming from Chicago’s budding rap scene, Polo G has been making the necessary strides to solidify himself in the rap industry. The Columbia Records signee is best known for his melodic flows depicting his struggles fitting in with his Chicago counterparts in the game. After the success of his debut album Die a Legend, the artist’s popularity skyrocketed, adding him to conversations of who’s next up. Polo G is making it known he’s here to stay and willing to put in the work with his sophomore album, confidently titled The Goat. 

Chicago rap does one thing perfectly, and that’s bluntly giving listeners the muddy, unhinged lyricism about life in their environment. Polo G delivers just that on this album with his melodic sound and heartfelt messages. His sound is evolving on this album where we hear an array of sides from the rapper from love songs to a certain level of vulnerability pertaining to his life in the streets. 

The rapper leaned on friends also making strides in the game lately such as Lil Baby, the late Juice WRLD, Stunna 4 Vegas, and NLE Choppa to create some bass thumping, head-nodding tracks you’d definitely want to blast in the whip. Most surprisingly (but very necessary), the album has a feature from BJ The Chicago Kid taking a spin on the familiar Bruce Hornsby and the Range’s “The Way It is” also heard in Tupac’s “Changes.” The unlikely match-up feels like home or church in a sense where the entire song captivates and holds you from start to finish. 

“Martin & Gina” has been creating conversation because we unexpectedly got a love song and who doesn’t love a thug in love. Titled after the beloved television couple, Polo G paints a tale of getting butterflies, staying down and admiration of a particular woman. Women can definitely get used to this softer side being revealed also found in the guitar-led track “Beautiful Pain (Losin’ My Mind)”, where he’s longing for a love lost. 

Tracks like “21,” “Don’t Believe the Hype,” and “Trials and Tribulations” expose listeners to Polo G’s inner thoughts on losing friends to the streets, violence and the come up. In “Trials and Tribulations” he repeats “I stood ten toes, I can’t fold or panic/ them streets’ll turn a good kid savage” which rings in your head as a sort of anthem for any who can relate. Listeners love his music for that very reason, it’s real. Personally, I love raw tracks like these because they tend to be motivational in a sense, they get you going.

At the end of “Wishing For a Hero” we hear his little sister say “You finally made it big brother, you’re the GOAT” and honestly after hearing that song and it closing with that statement, your heartstrings have to be pulled (I’ve replayed it countless times). Between the sample, the choir, the lyrics on police brutality, and BJ The Chicago Kid harmonizing, you instantly fall in love. 

Polo G certainly is creating his lane in this new generation. It’s easy to respect any artist making their intentions clear and following through; he’s focused and driven which is what the game needs. Sophomore albums tend to be hit or miss for artists, but Polo G took on the release of this project with full force and has received tremendous love and support via social media. At only 21, it is apparent his continued growth and success are imminent. 

Listen to the album here: 

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