Pluggworld Share Passion on ‘Tug of War’

Pluggworld is a Los Angeles-based music group with a huge passion for music and artistry. Having started doing music as just a hobby, Pluggworld quickly grew to realize their talent as well as their insatiable passion to create music. Both Cameron Morrison and James “David” Murray grew up musically inclined, having been introduced to live instruments as children, singing in church, and even writing songs together. Once they began to take their music seriously and develop a career out of it, they began to realize the magic that stems from within. The passion and skill they developed aren’t something money can make one do. Morrison knew this well:

 “I realized I was passionate about music when I became financially secure, but my desire to create did not waiver. There’s almost nothing on earth that can match the feeling I get when I’m making a dope song or beat. It’s a high for me.” 

Pluggworld Brings You Into Theirs On Their New Album

The only other thing that keeps them motivated to strive higher is their desire to take care of their families. Having never moved outside of LA, these guys have a special connection to their roots and to those who support them. They take pride in where they’re from. They know because of the experiences and relationships they have, they are able to connect to people through their music and immerse them in the culture of their hometown. The music is so solid.

 “Our ultimate mission is to connect people to the source. First, we have to make dope music, second we have to be genuine and relatable and then people will care about what else we have to say. So that’s the route we are taking.”

Pluggworld’s newest album “Tug of War” is available now on all streaming services.

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