Planet Giza Is ‘Ready When You Are’ With Raved Release

Making major noise in 2023 is Montreal’s very own Planet Giza. The illustrious group arrives with their sophomore album, Ready When You Are via AWAL. In celebration of the release, the trio unveiled the project’s lead single, “Quiet On The Set”. In fact, the raved record is accompanied by a Will Abu and Dovi co-directed vibrant visual. 

In doing so, Planet Giza sets the tone for all things out of this world. “Quiet On The Set”, by Rami B & DoomX, is a laid-back, funky hip-hop track featuring bouncy beats and appealing choruses. The tune begins with a single shaker before introducing a dark, chromatic piano riff enhanced by jazzy synth stabs. When the beat drops, Tony Stone’s distinctive vocals hit, tenderly comforting his love interest. 

“Quiet On The Set” Because Planet Giza Is Ready When You Are

The arrival of “Quiet On The Set” coincided with the announcement of Planet Giza’s newest album Ready When You Are, which was released on April 7th. The 12-track LP features a range of hip- hop and R&B stars. Including Kaytranada, Mick Jenkins, Kojey Radical, Saba, Venna and Topaz Jones. The project takes on a variety of topics, from fame to relationships, while once again describing Tony Stone’s experience as he navigates the frenetic and hedonistic life of a rising rap artist.

Through a varied sonic repertoire, the crew reflects their multi-cultural upbringing. They attribute their adaptability to the diverse Montreal community as well as their diverse musical inspirations. Since stepping on the scene with their 2019 debut Added Sugar, they have been on a steady rise to stardom. As a result, they’ve been invited to perform at Montreal’s International Jazz Festival. Additionally, the following year, their production was featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in a GoldLink performance. 

Maintaining Their Musical Momentum With Sizzling Singles and Popular Projects

Maintaining the momentum, the thriving trio doubled down with their 2021 Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon. With their lead single, “When the Moving Stops” creating waves and wooing the world. Planet Giza held its first headline event in London as a result of this. After, they followed up with another EP, You Don’t Understand, in 2022 before returning with their most recent release. 

Their trendy track “WYD” featuring Chicago rhymer Saba is currently circulating and catching the hearts and ears of fans all over. In fact, it displays Planet Giza’s signature jazz-infused/spacey vibe, interlaced with sharp flows from Planet Giza’s Tony Stone. An outstanding guest verse from Saba, sparking irresistible 90s nostalgia through Timbaland-reminiscent adlibs. Blended effortlessly with a modern edge through slick groove-led production by the trio’s Rami B and DoomX. 

April 14th the popular Planet Giza will be headlining their Montreal show at Theatre Fairmount. Taking their talent throughout, take a look at our intriguing interview below here at KAZI Magazine. We get into their distinctive sound, their favorite records and more! Lastly, let us know what you think! 

The Planet Giza Interview

  • Hey gentlemen! Thank you for taking the time to chop it up with me today on behalf of KAZI Magazine. Let’s get right to it — for newcomers tuning in to get familiar with you all — Who is Planet Giza and where did it all begin? 

“So Planet Giza is a group of three producers and one vocalist from Montreal, Canada. It started in 2013. Officially, we were just making beats. We weren’t even like making both songs and beats. But, in 2019, we released a full project with Tony also rapping on it. Yeah, we kept doing it and right now we got a new album coming out Friday”.

  • So you said that when you guys started, you were just making beats. When did it click for you guys to make the transition into actually creating songs and dropping projects as well?

So we wanted to get like, features but it was a headache. Tony is used to it as he was already rapping but not as serious as right now. One time we had a session and we were like, Yo, you should hop on the beat. The beat was called “Warmup” that was like, on one of our first EP. He rapped on the beat and ever since we’re like, oh, let’s just keep making more music.

  • Always intrigued by artists and their stage names. Yours being unique and out of this world, reminiscent of the Egyptian pyramids — What inspired y’all to go by Planet Giza?

Well, at first me and Doom we had this group called the North Virus. Then when we started making more music with Rami, it used to always be the North Virus and Rami. That was like, too long, like so we were like, let’s just find a name, that we can name ourselves because we’re gonna keep making music together. And so essentially, we just threw a bunch of ideas in like our Facebook, group chat. We ended up on that name, Planet Giza, because, you know, like the pyramids, there’s three, and we’re three in the group. At first everything was based on like, Egyptian concepts. And then eventually we’re like, okay, well, we can do other things. But we kept the name because it was so good.

Planet Giza Pushes The Boundaries

  • Also, being a multicultural group whose backgrounds shine through your music, how would you say your cultures have carved a way into your craft?  

I mean, at the beginning, we used to sample a lot of like, let’s say, Asian, Kompa music and also Algerian music. Through the years we just evolved and just started making music. So at the beginning, it was very important to us. But now, it’s just part of who we are.

  • Being a Montreal-based collective, how would you say Canada has inspired your musical sound and style? 

Assume more in the United States, to be honest (RAMI). I mean, for me, it’s definitely like New York hip hop. Like I know for myself, like when I started rapping, I looked up to Jay Z a lot, and I want it to sound exactly like him. And so I think that’s low key what save me from like the Montreal Canadian accent. (Tony).

The Music

  • Seeming very easily inspiring as you’re made up of producers, DJ, and a main vocalist/emcee. What’s y’all’s creative process like?  Could you walk us through what your studio sessions are like? 

They’re always a brainstorm of just us on production, throwing a bunch of ideas at each other. We’ll start something and then someone goes, Okay, let’s try this. Let’s try that. And then once we have something that we feel is high potential, then I’ll go you know, let me record something on this. Let me record a hook first, and then we just keep building. (Tony). also work with like, a lot of collaborators. Like sometimes we link up with musician so they can play with the idea that we have way better than us. So, yeah, it’s always different (RAMI).

  • In 2023, you all have already unleashed two sizzling singles: “WYD” and “Quiet, On The Set”. Both raved records are set to arrive on your forthcoming album Ready When You Are which drops this Friday, April 7th. What was it about these two records that influenced you to introduce fans to these singles as the initial introduction to 2023 and the new project? 

We feel like these two songs were really indicative of the direction we were going with this album as to like, it sounds so different. It’s so refined, you know, the sound is beautiful, elegant, and you can tell that damn these guys have evolved like this is about to be something serious. So we really feel like with these two singles, the hype is there, the momentum is there and people are just like Alright, well let’s hear what they have to give this show the world (TONY).

  • Additionally, I love when a plan and vision come together. The Will Abu and Dovi-directed visuals really bring the record to life. How did the collaboration come about and what was it like working with others who see the same vision and can execute it?

So I mean Dovi has been our creative director for four years now. Like, he did Added Sugar. That was our first album back in 2019. Also, he did Don’t Throw Rocks At The Moon the EP that we did in 2021. We were working with Dovi since 2016. So he’s one of our friends, fans and everything. So it’s easy to just like throw in ideas and he’s gonna find a way. You just have to give him a little piece of an idea and he can make it grow like 10 times better. And William he he did like a lot of color grading in our in our video in the past. But we didn’t know that he actually is a director too, so we worked with him on the set. So that was our first time working with him as a as a director. And yeah, everything. The process was flawless. Everything was nice (RAMI).

Ready When You Are…

  • Can you tell us the inspiration behind the new album?

Honestly, it’s based on Tony’s true stories (RAMI). Well, you know, as far as the themes go, it is based on my personal experiences with women and navigating that. Also, us growing into the industry and getting more popular. As far as music wise, we really felt like we wanted to show the world that we’re here. This is something serious and we’re ready when you are to admit that this album is next level. The musicality of IT IS NEXT LEVEL! Our theme for it was retrofuturistic. Meaning that it feels like something and when we play the album for people they tell us it feels like something that was created like in the 2000s, but it sounds like nothing that was created in the 2000s.You guys really honed in and created a whole sound. That was the intention behind it (TONY).

  • After having a private listen — thank you by the way! I really enjoyed it from start to finish with a few standout singles for myself being “Quiet On The Set”, “Ships N Luv”,and “Fatal Attraction”. I know this may be tricky, but I have to ask. Made up of 12 trendy tracks, which record(s) off of your highly anticipated album are your personal favorites and why? 

I have four. but, I really do love all of them. I would say the intro, “Quiet On The Set”, “Ships N Luv”, and “Elevator”. Those would have to be my favorites (RAMI). Right! I love them all! But personally right now it’s a toss up between “chips”Ships N Luv” and the title track “Ready When You Are” (TONY).

  • Also, the project serves some fire features. Was it easy finding the fitting features? How long did it take to curate the album overall? 

As far as the features go, it was pretty easy to get the features because these are all people that appreciate our music and we appreciate their music as well. So it was a simple DM like hey, you guys are fire. Oh we think you’re fire. Let’s make some music and it just happened organically. Creating the whole album though. It took a couple of years. We started it and then the pandemic hit so we focused on like another EP then we came back to it. So it was a whole process, but worth it (TONY).

Personal Favorites of Planet Giza

  • Since stepping on the scene, you all have been bringing back to back bangers. With that being said, for new fans which released record would you recommend a listener to listen to in order to have the best understanding of who Planet Giza is and your artistry? 

I’d say “When the Moving Stops “. Right, Rami? (TONY). Yeah, I feel like when we did “When the Moving Stops'”, that there was a shift in the way we saw the music and how we portray ourselves. So yeah, I agree with that. (RAMI).

  • Known for moving the masses with your live performances. Which record(s) are you favorite to perform?

Lol! I would have to say “When The Moving Stops”. Although we haven’t been performing a lot these past year because of the pandemic, but every time we play that record, it’s always a hit! The fans know all of the lyrics and everything so it’s amazing (RAMI).

  • Furthermore, are there any future features on your wishlist that you’d all be interested in collaborating with? If so, who and why?

Yeah, there’s a lot. Let’s say Kendrick Lamar first. Busta Rhymes, Andre 3000, Tyler Creator and a bunch of others.

What’s Next?

  • Eager to know, stepping out and shining with your distinctive sound — what are your thoughts of the current state of music? 

I feel like it’s about to be a huge shift in music. Just because I feel like personally, people like the average listener, just people that likes to listen to music every day. They’re getting tired of music not adding enough substance and meaning. So I feel like there’s a lot of artists that is coming with great music and great sound. So I’m excited to see what’s going on (DOOM).

  • Excited to hear more, what’s next for Planet Giza in 2023? 

Well, we’re working on a Euro tour. We’re working on clothing and vinyls. So I mean, the priority is definitely to do more shows. That’s the focus right now (RAMI). As well as producing for other artists as well (DOOM).

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

Ready When You Are is the album of the year! (TONY). Listen to Planet Giza as it’s the soundtrack for your life and the future. soundtrack for the, for your life in the future.I feel like there’s a lot of songs that people can relate to. I’m excited to see what people think about this and also to everybody that listens to us. Thank you. (DOOM). Thank you to all of our fans! (RAMI).


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