Pitt Tha Kid is on the rise as one of Toronto’s hottest producers

Canada is home to some of the most prominent artists in the music industry, including Drake, Justin Beiber, Nav, and more. However, with credits from Jaden Smith, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, and Nav, Pit Tha Kid is rising to the light as one of the fastest-growing producers in the industry.

In just 11th grade, Pitt Tha Kid began his career as a rapper. Although he had rapped for around a year, he noticed his main barrier as a young artist was his beats. This prompted Pitt Tha Kid to begin creating beats for himself. Over time, friends and others began to notice this producer’s early talent. He was encouraged consistently to post them, and when he published his first video on Youtube, it gained over 23,000 views in just the first week.

Later on, he picked up DJing gigs and promoted his rap content whenever he could. People began to be more and more impressed with the beats of his songs which led to him pursuing production. The pitt didn’t stop there; he continued to work and eventually was noticed by Lloyd Banks, one of his first significant placements that opened for the opportunity for more significant collaborations. Fast forward to the present day, Pitt Tha Kid has accumulated over 100 million streams on records produced by him, something he hadn’t anticipated to happen as fast as it did. He told us that his main goal in the next five years is to maintain and strive to always put in the best he can. He told us that his main prioritization would include taking care of his family and traveling the world with friends.

While Pitt Tha Kid is still a producer on the rise, he has undoubtedly proven his capability in the industry. We can’t wait to see what is next for Pitt Tha Kid; with his debut single featuring Lil Wayne and Taleban Dooda, we can only stay in anticipation of his EP dropping in 2022. 

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