pinkcaravan! Shares Her Favorite Condiment

The five basic tastes are sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami (look it up). Veteran foodies may pride themselves on nurturing their palate daily with a nod to each one. Apparently, St. Louis’s pinkcaravan! seems to only be able to focus on two: sweet, and … well, hot sauce.

The self-proclaimed “sad happy rap princess” is at no shortage for edible props in her brand new video for her February track “hot sauce,” produced by Namesake. She invites director RemRod to her backyard and unfortunately non-pink caravan for the most unhealthy picnic of the year. Naturally, Lay’s classic potato chips doused in four brands of hot sauce dominate the main course. And she happily washes it down with an insanely sugary pitcher of grape Kool-Aid.

One can only imagine that this backyard area is pinkcaravan!’s ultimate creative zone. Her long, colorful braids find a way to match an aspect of her surroundings in every video frame. Additionally, the track’s drippy production makes the transition from purple drank to Hennessy all the more seamless.

My typical concern with food-centric music videos is that whatever goes unused will be wasted. However, I’m confident that pinkcaravan! has never thrown out hot sauce in her life. Someone please connect her with Sean Evans as soon as possible.

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