Pilot Perc & Ro Davis Push Positivity And Remind Us to “Smile” in New Song

In the midst of a pandemic and continuous racial tensions, it has been extremely important to take a step back at times and just relax. Self-care has been important to keep a level head during these experiences. Rising artist Pilot Perc came up with a track to aid in that uplifting, positive spirit so many of us need right now. Featuring Ro Davis, in their new song “Smile” they remind listeners to take a moment to find the bright spot in each day. Featuring a mellowed out beat and smooth raps, the two express their feelings in a clear, relatable way throughout. 

The track alludes to such a positive spirit which is refreshing always in music. When describing the record, Ro Davis stated, “Without the rain, you can never enjoy the sunshine,” which many can hold true to how things seem to flow throughout life. To help convey this message of positivity, they have created the campaign #justSMILE for listeners to simply post with a message or picture on social media to spread positivity in our day to day lives. Be sure to check out the lighthearted track here and remember to SMILE. 

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