Pierre Bless and His New Single “What’s Ya Sign?” Are Dominating TV and Music

No stranger to the game, Pierre Bless is one smooth player. In an era when self-love, social media, and “vibes” are popular ways to combat the anxiety-inducing Pandemic, Pierre Bless enters the scene with a positive energy, hoping to empower the ladies with a fun new bop.

What’s Ya Sign?

His latest offering comes served up to the ladies as “What’s Ya Sign?”. In fact, the fresh new release samples Biggie Smalls’ “Big Poppa” lyric, “What’s Ya Name, What’s Ya Sign”. In doing so, he also calls out and celebrates all the women’s zodiac signs.

So far, The Breakfast Club, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and The Sheryl Underwood Radio Morning Show have all supported the trendy track with circulation. Rapidly raving all over social media, “What’s Ya Sign” has received love from over 250 female influencers, including reality stars Laura Govan and Angel Love Davis who have featured the song in their Instagram stories alongside their zodiac sign.

The number of shares is growing organically every day.”

Pierre Bless 

The North Carolina-native by way of Nuremberg, Germany began rapping as a teenager before quickly turning a hobby into a passionate career. What kicked off as random freestyles to Cash Money’s hits, eventually transformed into complete original records. When his talents won him the school talent show, he decided to take music more seriously. As a result, he began studying his favorite artists and using the prize money to purchase studio equipment. He remembers reading popular magazines like XXL and The Source, admiring the lifestyles of his favorite hip hop artists, and even recording episodes of Rap City The Basement on VHS tapes. All of these accolades allowed the independent to further hone his craft. 

Pierre Bless and His Musical Inspirations

Pierre’s hypnotizing sound has been compared to the flows of iconic hip-hop heavyweights Nas and Jay-Z. It’s clear that his musical inspirations are heard within his music as Bless admires Nas for his renowned ability to master lyrical storytelling, while also admiring Jay Z’s smooth, unique beat selection, which is heavy on the horns, percussion, and live instrumentals.

Pierre’s brand and message to his audience is a rebuke to short-lived trends. Rather, he encourages his fans to “Spread Love,” which is based on the Law of Attraction. This message inspired the name of his stage name, reminding fans that every day is a blessing!

Pierre Bless

2022 – Vision Board

With the new year just kicking off, Pierre Blessing is already lining up a slew of musical projects for 2022. In fact, he’s currently working on the visuals for his new record “What’s Ya Sign?”. In addition to wrapping the music video for his 2021 summer smash single, “F.E.A.” ft. DJ Drama. Fans can also be on the lookout for his forthcoming project, Vision Board, set to drop off later in the year. He also stated that he is dedicated to doing more live performances this year!

“I’ve performed at main stages at SXSW and opened up for Jacquees, Key Glock, Asian Doll and Toosii in 2021. I’m just now finishing a National tour, a regional tour and a HBCU college tour in 2021.  I’m constantly performing so stay tuned for upcoming tour dates.”

Pierre Bless

With such a busy schedule, Pierre Bless is steadily reminded of his why: his daughter, Zuri. 

Zuri is my number one motivation. I want to make millions, billions even to create a clear pathway of success for her and her future siblings. I also just enjoy the process of growth. Experiencing myself mold into something greater over time is very gratifying. I can do that repeatedly for years to come.”

— Pierre Bless

What’s Next?

Additionally, when he isn’t consumed by the success of his music career, Pierre runs a homecare agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. As for the future, Pierre plans on launching his own record label, traveling, and dabbling in new business ventures.

For now, get familiar with this rising rhymer! Press play on his most recent release, “What’s Ya Sign?”. Lastly, let us know what you think at KAZI Magazine


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