PhillyBul Is Ballin With Street LeBron:Vol 1

Philadelphia’s own is ready to take center stage. Fresh off the heels of a busy 2022 with his viral hit “Veggie Drip”, rap artist PhillyBul is ready to make himself a household name. 

Well on his way to becoming one of the most sought after Philly artists of our era, PhillyBul aspires to motivate and inspire through his music, while telling the story of a man who’s seen it all. Labeled the “silent killer” by industry greats who know him best, Philly walks in a room and executes flawlessly. He is a man who stands firm in his beliefs and is admired for his fearlessness. “Philly is, without a doubt, a visionary. He’s like a Master Chef in the kitchen. Sometimes, you look at the ingredients and go ‘eh’, but the finished product is absolutely delectable. That’s PhillyBul,” says his manager, Kelly Starr.

Innovative, optimistic, hardworking and hungry, failure doesn’t exist according to the rising star. In a lane of his own, PhillyBul is the “prototype”, setting trends that will influence the next wave for years to come. A humble soul, when asked about artists he respects and looks up to, PhillyBul handed flowers to those who have paved the way before him and died in the line of fire, such as 2Pac and actual friends of his, like PNB Rock and Takeoff. His indescribable work ethic alludes to him leaving a legacy as great as those he pays respect to.

Be sure to stream PhillyBul’s Street Lebron Vol. 1 release, hosted by Philadelphia’s #1 DJ, DJ Cosmic Kev. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine.

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