Philly Block’s “Average” Resurfaces

Philly Blocks originally made our page back in July with the release of “Days Of Our Lives.” This past week, the emcee returned with another banger titled “Average.”

Produced by Mexiko Dro, Philly takes us back to the days before he was devoting his time to the studio and making music. To the times where he didn’t have much, when he was trapping. Even then Philly Blocks still managed to find some real one’s to hold him down.

“She was f*cking me back when I ain’t have sh*t./ I was selling mid and my plug was average”.

Reminiscing on those times where he didn’t have much while also giving a message to one’s that counted him out back when he was just “Average.” Those times of not having much has motivated Philly Blocks to become the biggest artist in his hood. The Crowned Prince Of The Ville. (Louisville Kentucky.

Although not many artist in the game hail from the Bluegrass State, Philly Blocks continues to work hard to put his city on the map. With tracks like “Average” & “Days Of Our Lives” Philly Blocks won’t have a hard time in doing just that.

Hit play above to stream the track on SoundCloud.

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