Phillip Andre Is Taking Over The West Coast! 

Grab your surfboards because Phillip Andre is making some big waves on the West Coast! Having only been in the game since 2019, you can’t help but respect the immense progress made within the short amount of time he’s had playing. During that time, the quality of  music being created and the strategy Phillip Andre had been putting out had together been gaining him significant ground in the music industry. His raw authenticity, dedication to the game, and blanket consistency all grouped together serve as a simple explanation behind some of his success.

        In recent times he’s been finishing his Hip-Hop/Melodic Rap album What’s Killing Phillip Andre?” Prior to his steadfast work on What’s Killing Phillip Andre?” He released two tracks. His latest SoundCloud release was a 3-song EP with an Indie/Alternative sound titled: The TV’s on but no one’s watching’ Demo Tapes. This individual piece had a unique musical composition providing listeners with a combined genre, evidently explaining why the Los Angeles, California native was born for the musical spotlight. His most recent release available on all streaming platforms is titled “Is My Eye Twitching?” This track like the last mentioned also leans Alternative. Be sure to check them out!

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