Phil the Voice: International Humanitarian and Musical Maverick

Phil The Voice is more than just a rapper. He is also a dynamic minister, music producer, and genuine ambassador of hope. As a recording artist, he makes music that differentiates from the usual stereotypes of the rap genre while encouraging listeners to pursue personal betterment through faith, authenticity, and heartfelt music.

Phil infuses his tracks with passion as he weaves in and out of dynamic musical soundscapes with the ease of a seasoned vet. His music, in general, is filled with vivid vignettes of his life experiences and humanitarian endeavors. Phil could be categorized as anything but traditional regarding religion, yet his lifestyle and art are distinctly biblically-based. He has devoted his platform to giving hope and voice to those who have none, as many of his songs bring to light the plight of the marginalized within the global community. 

Outcasts within any society often struggle to be heard and represented. Unfortunately, some within society are practicing to fear those who look different or who are on the opposite end of the socioeconomic spectrum. Phil, on the other hand, has committed most of his life to creating avenues for these very people to find hope, practical assistance, as well as a voice to amplify their suppressed narratives. He is heavily involved locally and internationally in humanitarian efforts, and his world-class musical artistry serves as the soundtrack to his diverse platform.  

He has had the privilege to share his inspirational message of hope and restoration in various ways through the years. Along with his social endeavors and touring standard live performance venues, he has also performed his music in orphanages, summer camps, prisons, rehabilitation facilities, churches, and the like.  Moreover, his brand and approach have become synonymous with bringing joy, inspiration, and practical assistance to the disenfranchised within society. 

His efforts have been fruitful globally, bringing his art and life-changing message to many nations such as Israel, Trinidad, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, England, Holland, and more. While in Romania, he had the opportunity to assist the homeless demographic and those struggling with drug addiction on three different humanitarian musical tours. Phil worked in strategic partnerships with local non-profits to help in initiatives that provided the homeless and drug-addicted access to drug rehabilitation facilities and living arrangements. 

While on one of his trips to Romania, Phil witnessed a distressing depiction of homelessness’s disparity, which particularly left an impact on him. He tells the story of a day when he and his team brought some basic food and resources to a Romani prostitute. She was living in a tent compound behind a high-rise building along with her negligibly dressed children. She was under the strict control of a pimp, who locals knew to be quite violent and erratic. Phil states, “At first, it was pretty difficult, even to convince her pimp to let us into their camp, but once they felt secure, they let us in, and we were able to give them some bread and watermelon. I could see that our simple gesture of kindness significantly impacted the young prostitute and her children. I found it amazing that something as basic as receiving some fresh food brought tears of joy to their eyes and a glimpse of hope.”  

As the senior pastor of Nations Church Los Angeles, Phil the Voice has also dedicated his local ministry efforts to reach society’s outcasts. His sermons and church activities celebrate diversity, understanding, and compassion for all human beings, regardless of history, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. His church is a thriving multi-ethnic, multiclass faith community that offers a diverse worship environment along with many practical aids to their local community. Phil also serves as the C.E.O. and president of the 501(c)(3) non-profit; Vine Style Ministries INC. and is the owner of two recording studios which provide free fine arts training to the community. Additionally, he is also the president of N.L.T.I. School of Ministry, which works to equip Christian leaders globally. All these unique offerings and his world-class musical contributions combine to create an unconventional and powerful platform that manifests hope in some of the world’s darkest situations.

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