PeteyXKraze lay out the facts in boastful new visual

Life is all about making an impact while you’re here, which lasts far beyond your actual time on Earth. For New Jersey’s dynamic duo PeteyXKraze, they are well aware of what it takes to establish their “Legacy” and their progress so far.

“What makes you different? Your hustle gon’ make you different, your struggle gon’ make you different, your muscle gon’ make you different.” All facts, no printer. The two flex in various different locations in the smoky visual. The studio, an elevator, and a few locations which appear to be abandoned serve as metaphors for their lives. The studio is where they grind musically, the elevator symbolizes their upward trajectory, and the abandoned locations represent their humble beginnings.

The chemistry built since 2011 is on full display, as the lyrics and booming production truly go hand-in-hand. It’s an uplifting, upbeat anthem which a strong message but also a warning. PeteyXKraze has only been officially together since 2014, but since 2011 it’s only been a matter of time before the rap game truly needed to fear them.

Petey handles the production and engineering, which Kraze specializes in the visuals. They emphasized being honest and genuine in their music, while conveying messages through satire and wordplay. “Legacy” features production by Dre Rodner and direction by JDH. Check out the video and stay tuned for these two powerhouses’ next work.

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