Perfetto Remixes The Hotel Lobby’s “Monster”

Patrick Perfetto known as Perfetto is an Electronic Producer that is from Montgomery County, Maryland. His music comes from the soul and passionately drives his music. His early days of drumming at Berklee were impactful. Also, his music festival Fettofest, to his company Studio 14, he has embarked on a musical journey unlike any other. He has overcome leaps and bounds and become an artist to watch. 

For his latest single, he remixes The Hotel Lobby’s single “Monster.” He describes drinking a potion that makes the person become a monster, showcasing the darkness and raw animalistic nature people have when in an altered state.

Speaking on the song, Perfetto shared, “The inspiration behind the song came when multiple people told me to work with The Hotel Lobby”. He added, “We FaceTimed a couple of times and spoke, and one day they sent the stems over.  I posted a sample of it online, and they responded by saying “Finish this ASAP!!!”  Johnny and Tai are amazing people and have such great energy.  We met at my studio, went through the track made some changes. After that, we worked on things a little more to complete the remix.”

Follow Perfetto’s “Monster” remix below and keep an eye out for the artist.

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