Pedro Reis On Reflective Songwriting and Advocating Mental Health

Music is a powerful thing. Aside from its entertainment value, listening to music is known to have incredibly positive effects on our brains. More specifically, music can change the way we act, feel and think. So, how does this factor into managing our mental health? Music has the ability to make us dance like no one is watching, sing until your throat is sore and uncontrollably tap your feet. Because there is so much music out there, different music affects everybody uniquely From rock and folk to electronic and pop and everything in between, there’s endless variety of music to listen to and finding the songs that speak to you is important.

Pedro Reis is a renowned multi-genre recording artist who’s been committed to honest and convicting lyricism with a strong message. Pedro Reis was born in  Portugal, but grew up in Canada and has continued to develop his craft since embarking on his career in 2018, he has charmed his fans with his unique signature EDM and Post-Rock Alternative sound.

Pedro Reis always considered himself a musical person from conception, constantly exploring unique sounds from various musical mediums. He aspired to become a musical artist and made mixes for a few years, and he learned music production from FL studio, later shifting to Ableton. Finally, Reis ended up constructing a mini-studio at home. Once he got into the game, he started to take things seriously and made this a full-time job.

Because the music industry is buzzing with new artists every day, Pedro Reis knew that refining his artistry to envelop a much more nuanced sound would be the only way he would stand out amidst the roaring competition. From consistent studio sessions to experimenting with new sound kits, Reis began to develop and hone his craft, finding a much more real taste and direction of the unique sound he was looking for.

Pedro Reis transforms the feeling and emotions into a visual atmosphere when showcasing his music. Once he has the initial arrangement of the production, he continues to plug in sounds until it feels right. Sometimes, referencing other music genres outside of the rock world for inspiration. After he puts the final touches on the record, he’ll revisit the session after a few days to ensure his ears weren’t fooling him. If the song evokes the same emotion and portrays the same intention, he knows he’s accomplished his job. Pedro Reis ultimately comprehends that music is food for the soul, and he wants his listeners to find a sense of reality and purpose when breathing in his mixes.

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