Paul Hernandez Shares “Living For Me”

Paul Hernandez of Vancouver has always been known for his feel-good’ melodies and imagination. Modern Hip Hop continues to broaden its reach across Western Canada, namely Vancouver, due to artists like Paul Hernandez, standing out with his signature sound; Paul put his city on the map as an undeniable online presence and force behind the mic.

The 27-year old befitted critical acclaim by shuffling music while coaching artists through platforms like Zoom and Instagram live. Furthermore, his commitment to helping others launch their careers and define their brand has been the hallmark of his independent entity, ‘Paul Hernandez Music.’

Paul flourishes towards progress because he allows his fanbase to refine his artistry; this is key in empowering his audience to engage with him deeper.  It’s obvious to see where Paul got his motivation for his debut EP “Deeper Things”. It was up for ‘EP of The Year’ on Rapzilla alongside artists like Andy Mineo, Hulvey, Social Club. He surfaced 100k streams on platforms collectively, making him ready for one more fruitful endeavor in his career.  His upcoming collaborations are in progress. Moreover, he arises as perhaps the most promising artist in music to emerge from Vancouver, Canada, right now.

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