Paul Cabbin Is Destined For Even More

Paul Cabbin, aka Lerron Carson, is a self-made artist turned producer who has made his mark in the music scene. One of the leading beat selling producers online, by 2016, Paul Cabbin was able to reinvent himself, becoming known for creating original compositions for industry producers to sample for their beats. 

When asked his opinion on what makes him stand out from other producers out there, Paul Cabbin responded, “I have been on both sides of the fence. I started out selling beats online back in 2007 on myspace. I have sold seconds for as low as 99 cents at one point. Now I can get as high as 20K for a track. I have also been a part of the online beat selling community and the industry side. Also, just growing up in the church, gigging every Sunday gave me a different approach to life and music. I think all these things together have given me an advantage.

What Paul Cabbin is most known for are the flips/remakes he does with Hitmaka. Thirteen out of the sixteen plaques he has received so far are because of the work he has done with Hitmaka.

“The best advice I can give is to start reading books. My life changed once I started reading. Once your perspective changes your habits change. And once your habits change your life will change. No cap!”

– Paul Cabbin

His song “Provide” is out now, and his music is on all streaming platforms!

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