Patrick Muhanji on the Rise

Lil Pottna is a very successful and devoted music artist who has amassed a strong fanbase over the years locally and globally. He is a highly respected musician. Bruce Allen Carter AKA “Lil Pottna” was born and raised in New Orleans UPTOWN/Downtown area. He’s been doing music since 18 and is now 31. A prolific artist, he has music on over 30 platforms and continues to expand his reach.  Multi-faceted, Lil Pottna is also a songwriter and ghostwriter who loves making and listing to music. He’s the founder of his own record label called “CLIPS & BANDZ ENT”. Lil Pottna is releasing his new apparel brand next year in 2022. From the outside looking in Lil Pottna is an artist that makes great music who was born and raised in New Orleans La Uptown/Downtown.  He is a ghostwriter and songwriter that been doing music since 18 and has over songs on over 30 platforms that have increasing numbers and streams. Music is Lil Pottnas life, and he loves telling his stories to his fans thru his lyrics. The defining moment that brought him to the music industry as a profession was the year 2021. Since making music since 18, he never took the time to push his journey thru the media because he has been focusing on grinding and studio time. This year Lil Pottna took time to learn everything and he is doing great as an indie artist by putting music on platforms, interviews, and helpful promo through notable teams and agencies. Lil Pottna is on a mission to take over 2022 and will not let anything stop him.

Connect With Pat Black:

Facebook artist page: The Real Pat Black

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