Passhon Speaks On Collaborating With Grammy Award Winning Producer Luney Tunez 

Passhon is an up-and-coming artist with new EPs coming at us strong. She just released her latest single “Shoot The Club Up” along with a music video and recently released her EP titled “GMB Season”!

Her name is always a topic of conversation which was a spur of the moment decision. She shared that she didn’t know what she was going to call herself until her engineer asked for a name to save the song. At that moment she grabbed a dictionary and opened it up to the word “Passion” changed the spelling to Passhon and put Laidi in front. A few years ago, she decided to remove Laidi and decided to just go by Passhon.

It is no secret that her bars set her apart from her peers. She describes her music as hip-hop and tells her fans that her new project is provocative and passionate. It makes listeners open their ears when they hear women empowerment and motivational records. After listening to her music, you will feel that rush of power and she leaves you feeling motivated and empowered. She wants to inspire women who can relate to her personal struggle and wants her songs to be so powerful that it could change lives, motivate girls to stay strong and get to it!

On her recent single it has been an accomplishment for her to collaborate with Grammy award winning producer Luney Tunez on “Shoot The Club Up”. She is not stopping here and is working on visuals for her new project. She is currently an independent artist, waiting to be signed to produce more of her dope music and wants to remind everyone, “If you feel like you can’t do something, you are very wrong… Both of my parents were addicted to drugs, my high school sweetheart got shot up and is paralyzed forever, my kids father was sentenced to 121 years in prison when my oldest was 2 and I was pregnant with my youngest… If I overcame adversity, so can you.”

Check out her music on all streaming platforms and follow her on social media @passhongotmetaphors to keep up with all of her upcoming releases.

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