Paris Paris “Killing Me Slowly” Visual Where Melody Meets Style

Paris Price

Many artists are coming out of the DMV area and putting a huge mark on the area in rap. One artist that definitely stands out in the bunch is Paris Price. His noted creativity and knowledge when it comes to his pen is something unheard of by just taking a glace of his discography so far.

The ” Killing Me Slowly” video takes the viewers through a storyline of Paris Price and the other artist Chris Patrick and Dende, showing different sides of themselves through each lyric. The emotion conveyed through the lyrics is displayed very organically in the visual for the song. The song and music video is a whole mood from melody to the roses in the actual music video.

More On Paris Price

The artist started taking music seriously in 2018 and never looked back. He stated that ” I played sports, so making music was like playing video games on the side. Once I started working a job, I started playing around with the piano. Then I started getting back into music” His hobby would soon turn into an opportunity for his music to touch many people.

“Freestyle is like musical sparring”

I asked the artist about his great pen and freestyling capability; the artist expressed that ” I can rap all day about nonsense, but when you walk away will you remember anything thing I said? So when I write, I always try to have that memorable moment, whether it’s lyrics in a song or a freestyle.”

One of the most stand-out lyrics in the song Killing Me Slowly is, “You would think that God is sexist when He shows the boy love For that, I’m grateful.” Paris stated that ” It’s like he’s showing so much love to the boy who is me; so much that you would think that he favors them over me. It was just a little wordplay.”

Killing Me Slowly is now out on YouTube and other streaming platforms!

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