“Outside” Is A Tribute To The Life Of M03

Outside,” a term we used to coin being able to enjoy life. We wish late artist Mo3 could be here celebrating it’s beauty with us. However, at least his posthumous release with OG Bobby Billions makes us appreciate his gifts so much more.

He was a rising star and this single showcased his lyrical cadences and versatile vocal. To put it simply, Mo3 was gifted; and it’s shame he’s not here to enjoy his life. Mo3 was a hood singer to it’s roots and this single is a good reminder of his talents.

Mo3 powerful vocals flows smoothly with a emotionally charged beat. Bobby’s short but sweet rap lyrics adds icing to the cake. The song is chilling and incredible.

The video is a heartwarming tribute to the concept of the song and Mo3 himself. Throughout the video, they show burying the late rapper and celebrating the joy her brought them. Scenes of M03 are sprinkled in as well.

While the original premise of “Outside” is a bit grim, the video gives it a positive spin. Instead being scared to come “Outside,” like the single stated, enjoy life dat by day. The single is available on all platforms and the video is on YouTube.

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