Orlando’s Music Talent, Kid Faze, Is Taking Over the Industry

Every day, the music industry welcomes hundreds of new talents seeking success. However, only a fraction of these has what it takes to scale into the mainstream. Talent alone is insufficient to conquer the industry, and you need a combination of other skills and attributes. Hard work, resilience, and passion will help you get started, but your authenticity and uniqueness help you stand out. 

Orlando’s new talent, Kid Faze, is one of the fresh blood taking over the US music scene. Kid Faze is an innately gifted music star with a unique sound. The sensational artist is already cementing his position in the industry with hit after hit, such as his latest single, “I Don’t Care”. Incredibly, the young talent is already gaining a solid fan base, with thousands of followers across various social media platforms. Kid Faze also takes pride in his authentic sound that blends a touch of hip-hop and other sonic influences.

Kid Faze was musically intrigued at a young age, particularly by the ability to create different sounds. Music was more than just an art to him, and it presented him with a medium to share thoughts and ideas and possibly impact change. He would spend his free time listening to music from various artists such as Lil Wayne, Diddy, and the legendary Kanye West. Additionally, Kid Faze was inspired by his uncle, a talented and skilled rapper who significantly mentored him. Kid Faze’s family also played a major role in mentoring and supporting his musical career. 

A born artist, Kid Faze recorded and released his first single while still in elementary school. His passion and dedication for music also saw him record and release his first mixtape while still in middle school. Throughout his college years, Kid Faze stayed true to his passion, composing numerous songs, some of which are yet to be released. He also took the time to perfect and master his art, gradually announcing his presence in the game.

Though he originally studied engineering, Kid made a bold move by returning to school to pursue his passions. He wanted to establish a successful career in music and entertainment, but before then, Kid Faze saw the importance of studying and understanding music industry dynamics. He switched to studying the business side, music, creative writing, film production, and scriptwriting to fulfill his dream. Professionally, Kid Faze started recording music in 2013, and since then, he has never looked back.

“Feels like the world needs to hear my music. I want to bring happiness back to music, to be known for art and creativity, and bringing the music world and metaverse together”.  Realizing that the world is moving forward through technology and the digital world, the character, “Kiddo Boy”, in likeness to myself will live on beyond my lifetime and leave a legacy, Kid Faze explains.

Kid is also heavily involved in content creation, where he shares more about his music and lifestyle. He is creating a YouTube Channel based on “Kiddo Boy”, a storyline geared toward the youth. Kid is also working on another YouTube series on his fashion and a festival he is putting together for 2023. 

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