Oregon Artist, Anthony Danza Taps Into Nostalgia & Delivers His Creative New Video

Samples are the backbone of Hip-Hop, and you can tell the lawyers I said it. Despite the fact that the industry has done everything in its power to discourage producers from pulling from inspirations and sampling, the act still occurs, and it has produced some amazing music. Never the one to be put in a corner, Oregon producer, Anthony Danza steps from behind the boards to deliver the new video for his 80s pop sample driven single, “G2G”.

Shot in Seattle, the video creatively looks like it takes place in NYC in the 80s, with Danza looming like a Dapper Dan disciple, laced in a jumpsuit and whipping a sports car down the streets with the top all the way down. Simultaneously, the video is soundtracked to the beautiful production from Danza, as well as his impressive lyrical abilities, where he proves his prowess on that side of the ball, and then some.

Take a look at the video below and get hip to one of the Northwest’s buzzing producers.

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