OpeVisualz Is Changing the Videography Game

OpeVisualz is an artist who can tell a story through his visuals to help different artists and creatives. Kayode Opeifa Jr, AKA OpeVisualz, craves to innovate further and push boundaries in the world of film directing. Born in Nigeria, OpeVisualz moved to the windy city of Chicago at 3 months old. OpeVisualz found his footing in directing when he was studying Economics and Statistics at the University of Connecticut. Starting his creative career as a freelance photographer, borrowing camera equipment to work on his craft. He was quickly able to secure high profile artist, modeling agencies, and university bookings. His Made in America festival recap featured Cardi B, Travis Scott, Juice World, and Lil Uzi Vert.

OpeVisualz Inspiration

What differentiates OpeVisualz from others is his branding and his work ethic. He began to develop video editing skills from working on and reediting already mastered videos he found online. Once confident in his abilities, he was able to leverage his editing work to purchase his own camera and equipment to start curating work of his own.  Influenced by many great film directors, he singled out Hype Williams for piquing his interest in music videos from a young age, as well as Dave Meyers and Christian Breslauer as he got into the intricacies of his work.

This influence can be seen in his incorporation of cinematic elements to his videos with a touch of commercial appeal. OpeVisualz is known for his music video sequencing and creative color grading skills. He understands how important and intricate sequencing is when it comes to the videos he produces. He loves to invoke nostalgia and playing with emotion in his work, which he finds keeps his viewers drawn in.


Quote from the riveting visual producer!

“I love the reactions I receive when presenting the work to clients. It’s also fulfilling to be able to help produce content to solve a problem that they have. My entire business model is structured around customer satisfaction,” he said, “All my experiences thus far suggest that I should continue doing what I’m doing.”


In the process, OpeVisualz was able to curate “Final Focus Films”, his own label for talented creatives. A part of this collective include graphic designers, cinematographers, editors, colorists, producers, directors, artists, marketers, casting directors, models, and makeup artists. He finds that putting people in specialized roles, they are able to put out high-level content and give a great customer experience. As a result, they offer customers merchandise, film production, model casting, digital marketing, and digital assets such as tutorials and presets.

As for what’s on the way for the budding director, more creative pieces with a nostalgic element to each. He has projects on the way with JuS, AmaruCloud, and ANoyd, as well as commercial projects. For now, check out his YouTube playlist featuring some of his best work.

Check out his website here: Finalfocusfilms.com

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