OMB Peezy: A Conversation about Pain

OMB Peezy is a pain-stricken rap star from Alabama. Early on his move to Sacramento proved to be life-changing. Living in the Bay Area gave him the chance to be discovered by California legend, E-40. From there, he has been able to work with Lil Boosie, Lil Durk, and streaming giant NBA Youngboy, and many more. Peezy has been through more than most. He has not let his lifestyle get in the way of his goals. His signature flow and passionate lyrics make all of his fans feel like they know him. The rapper leaves it all on the track and this lends well to relatability. Last year he was ready to hit the road on a sold-out tour with Florida’s own Rod Wave.

Since Preacher 2 The Streets, Peezy has not let up. Music has made so many changes to his and his family’s life. Through legal issues, internet beef, and other distractions, the Alabama creative stays 10 toes down. Mobil, Alabama, is not the easiest place to make it out of. To date, only he and Flo Milli have been able to rep their city on this level. Our conversation was intense but real. OMB Peezy wants to be the best at what he does without losing his authenticity. This is something I can respect without a doubt.

OMB Peezy

Peep our dope conversation below!

Ahmad Davis: First things first, please introduce OMB Peezy to those who do not know who you are?

OMB Peezy: I go by OMB Peezy for the people who don’t know. I’m a bright-spirited very intelligent young man I feel like *laughs*. I’m one of the few people that want to see everybody happy and everybody eats.

AD: Alabama has had some fire artists pop recently, what does the area mean to you?

Peezy: I ain’t gonna lie, Alabama means a lot to me. It taught a nigga a lot. Even though it was difficult you can still find your way, find your lane. Alabama got so much talent it’s gonna be unreal when it really starts coming out, you feel me?

AD: Your Youtube has over 81 Million total views. How have you been able to build such a strong fan base on there?

Peezy: I feel like I’ve been able to build a strong fan base by just being myself. I feel like a lot of people just try too hard trying to figure out what people like. I don’t do anything but wake up in the morning and be myself.

OMB Peezy

AD: Over the holidays you partnered with Flo Milli for a tour drive. Discuss how important it is to partner with artists from Alabama.

Peezy: I feel like it’s important for me to partner with artists from Alabama because we’re gonna give the kids coming up behind us – we’re gonna inspire them to do good. We didn’t have too many people coming up that inspired us to do good shit. Everyone was inspiring us to do bad shit. So it feels good, and I feel like it’s important, you feel me, to team up with Alabama artists because we’re from the same place. It’s gonna make the kids from there feel like anything is possible.

AD: Your new project has King Von, Blac Youngsta, and even Rylo Rodriguez. How do you go about choosing your features?

Peezy: I like doing songs with people that I actually like. Do you feel me? People I can relate to and making music with people like that. King Von was one of my favorite rappers, and he’s still one of my favorite rappers for real. It’s the same thing with Jackboy. I have been fucking with him and Kodak since Kodak first came out. So I feel like they all fit the songs they’re on because we’re young and all doing our thing.

AD: If you had dinner and could only invite 5 people whose work you enjoy(DOA) who would those people be?

Peezy: I’m inviting Tupac. I’m inviting Jay-Z. Also inviting Kanye West. I’m inviting Rihana; gotta have some baddies there! *laughs*. I’m inviting Mariah Carey, and then I have one more, so I’m gonna add E-40 because he got a good personality. He gonna light up the day.

AD: What inspired your sound?

Peezy: I feel like what inspired my sound the most was me moving around a lot; me moving from state to state. I learned how to talk in different ways and relate to different people.

AD: Too Deep For Tears is poised to be a big release for you. What do you want your fans to take from it?

Peezy: I want my fans to like to see that, you know, the album is titled Too Deep For Tears, but I don’t want them to feel like I’m telling them to forget about their problems because your problems make up who you are. I just want to know to be still happy but still deal with your problems. Don’t just let your problems build-up, you feel me? That’s my main goal. I’m just telling everyone what I’ve been through in the tape and show that I’m still smiling.

AD: If you were not an artist, what do you think you would be doing as a job?

Peezy: If I wasn’t a rapper I feel like I’d be writing books or something or an author. I’d be writing like self-healing books and mental healing books. I don’t really want to write urban novels that wouldn’t be my main focus, but I could do it.

AD: Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Peezy: In the next 3 years, I see myself in a mogul status. The rap game is like dog years. 3 years in the rap game is like 10 years in regular life. So I feel like I can get to mogul status. Still making music but signing artists too.

OMB Peezy

AD: Lastly, is there anything you’d love for the world to know about OMB Peezy that they do not already.

Peezy: I feel like right now, in these times right here, I’m going through something, and everyone is making up stories about me and painting me as whatever they want to paint me as. I want people to know that I’m a good person and I’m good-spirited. That’s really what I want the world to know.

Be sure to check OMB Peezy’s new project Too Deep For Tears and follow him on social media to see his next moves.

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