OK! Talk 2020, New Single, Re-branding + More

OK! is a dope tandem out of Maryland. 2020 was a difficult year for everyone to say the least. Many of us had to adjust to the changes of the pandemic, especially within the music industry. Artists had to focus on other ways to keep their creativity and momentum going, as concerts and performances were brought to an abrupt halt.

Today, we’re here to highlight a Maryland duo, OK!, who decided to use the down-time from the pandemic to their advantage and re-brand their entire look. Now, 6 months into the year, and the world finally opening back up from COVID, Obiora and Ahmed are in an amazing space. Both personally and career-wise.

We fortunately had the chance to speak with OK! for an exclusive interview, who were excited to speak on an abundance of topics including their new single, the inspiration behind their re-brand, what they learned from 2020 and much more.

Check in below after the jump and be sure to stream “Hideaway” now on your DSP of choice!


NN: How was 2020 for OK!?

OK!: 2020 was a challenging but essential year for us because it was when the idea OK! even started. When the pandemic hit, performing was no longer an option. We had to invest in ourselves– as in recording equipment because most studios were closed. After that, the summer was spent with production, recording and mixing our project. We were also very determined in coming up with new visual aspects for our branding. So between studio/design sessions, photoshoots, and market meetings, we had a pretty packed year. It’s a great feeling to see everything come to life .. and now with positive response(s).

NN: Name one thing you learned from 2020.

OK!: We learned to embrace change. We had to shift gears a lot for 2020 due to how it started. At first, the plan was to perform everywhere we could. Followed by new music throughout the year. We had release dates set for single(s) and a whole West Coast tour planned. But all that had to change because of the pandemic of course. And that’s when we embraced the opportunity of using our time at home to our advantage. Reinventing ourselves — both as a duo and individually. It actually turned out well because we are very excited for what we have planned now!

NN: Why did you guys feel you needed to rebrand to OK!?

OK!: Our goal is to be universal. We felt with our first approach, we weren’t reaching as many people as we wanted [or intended] to. Our message wasn’t clear enough to our audience but now you will be able to hear OK! loud and clear. OK! represents the combination of identities and the importance of duality. To showcase the journey through cultures that can be felt despite what can’t be understood. We all experience it. So what better way to be a household name than with a household saying?

NN: It’s been a month since the release of “Hideaway.” How’s the reception been?

OK!: So far the response has been great! Our fans have been showing us a tremendous amount of support and we are forever grateful for that!

NN: Can fans expect a visual? And possibly another single from OK!?

OK!: Absolutely! We plan on releasing a live performance for the single this month, so stay tuned! As for a new single .. unfortunately not. Instead, we have something much better in mind — we will be releasing our debut project! We don’t want to spoil anything, so that’s all we can say about that for now!

Check out the new single today!

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