OhrFluxman Has Finally Arrived On The Scene With His Debut Single, “Temptation.”

As any music lover knows, debut projects can be make-or-break moments for aspiring artists. For producer and rapper OhrFluxman, his new project “Temptation” is a strong debut that showcases his unique style and talent. Describing his sound as “a mix of rap and pop,” the artist delivers a fresh take on hip hop that is sure to turn heads. On the album, he tackles themes of temptation and addiction with wit and candor, offering a relatable perspective on the human condition. With its catchy hooks and clever lyrics, “Temptation” is an impressive debut that announces Ohr Fluxman as an artist to watch.

OhrFluxman has been creating beats since he was in his teens. His passion for music started at a young age, when he would bang on pots and pans in the kitchen. Eventually, he moved on to more sophisticated instruments, and his talent for creating catchy rhythms soon became evident. These days, Ohr is a well-known producer and DJ, and his beats have been heard all over the world. Though he’s now in his mid-twenties, Ohr still loves nothing more than getting behind the decks and making people dance. After all, as he always says, “the best music is the kind that makes you move.”

OhrFluxman may have originally been from New York, but he made his mark in Miami. From his days as a bass player in a local band to his more recent work as a producer and DJ, Ohr has always had a knack for delivering high-energy performances that get the crowd moving. His unique style combines elements of rap, trap, slap house and pop resulting in a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Whether he’s playing at a club or festival, Ohr always brings the heat, keeping the dance floor packed all night long. So, if you’re ever in Miami and looking for a party, be sure to check out one of Ohr’s sets – you won’t be disappointed.

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IG: @ohrfluxman 

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/Ohr-Fluxman-100921186048757

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