OhDatsRida Drops ‘Bando Baby’ & New Visual

OhDatsRida is looking to be the next from his section of Philadelphia to make it big from music. His latest project Bando Baby is a somber but exciting ode to the streets that made him who he is today. You hear the talented songwriter/rapper talk about hanging out with Dreamchaser’s CEO Meek Mill & NBA mainstay Dion Waiters on tracks. With co-signs like that, it is only a matter of time before the seasoned vet taps into markets outside of the Northeast region he champions in every verse. Early on in the project, you can see that Rida has a love for R&B ballads. 

His sample-heavy production pairs well with his impressive storytelling. He is not afraid to name drop highschool crushes and homies from his neighborhood. Tracks like “Da Bando” & “Brain Storming” make you feel like you grew up right there with him. Any hustler from the streets can relate to the heavy topics discussed during the 16 minute EP. There are pros and cons to creating a project this succinct. Fortunately, Rida found a way to only touch on the pros without leaving anything off the table. 

OhDatsRida Drops A Deluxe To His Latest EP

Bando Baby Deluxe Cover Art

OhDatsRida passionately exclaims, “thousand hours in the booth, I gotta speak the truth, never lied, I talk about the things that we been through” on his stand-out track “The Truth.”  Those bars seem to be the theme for his latest EP as a whole. The lyrics on this project are so raw that it is hard to question the validity of anything he says. This project is an easy listen for anyone but a must-listen for fans of real-life street rap. 

After building a buzz with his freestyles on social media, Rida wants to show his original music hits just as strong. Check out his new exciting EP, Bando Baby, HERE.

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