OG Parker: Stepping Into The Limelight

Once aspiring to teach music as a backup plan, OG Parker has become a noteworthy multi-platinum record producer with Quality Control Music. You may have heard Parkers tag on many noteworthy songs like ‘Walk it Like I Talk it’ by Migos, ‘Pills and Automobiles’ with Chris Brown, ‘Letters from Lucci’ and much more of a hit-filled discography.

Where did he start?

The Fayetteville, Georgia native has a significant background with music that influences his sound in records today. Along with a Grandfather that taught him how to play Piano, he played the saxophone, clarinet, and snare drum in his high-school marching band. In my interview with OG, he mentioned that making music was something he has always wanted to do; he’s been making beats since 2010. He even attended Georgia State University for a year, where he studied music and graphic arts. Over the years, he networked, collaborated with artists, perfected his craft; when the opportunity to get on with QC presented itself in 2014, things went next level.

During our Zoom interview, I asked OG what were some ways that producers could gain more acknowledgment for their craft. He is already on his way, by being a producer who is becoming present in his music. Parker is stepping into the limelight of the industry, and dropping his debut single as a recording artist. The timing is perfect, says OG, for him to drop his new single called ‘Rain Down.‘ The sampled SWV single features Chris Brown, Latto, PnB Rock, and Layton Green.

“I knew I had to put in work and get some hits out as a producer before I made the transition. I don’t think people completely understand what a producer does, so now’s the perfect time to show them.” – OG Parker

When did you know you wanted to make music professionally, or have you always known?

I’ve been playing piano and drum sets in marching band my whole life. I’ve always known I wanted to do something in music, I even went to Georgia State for a year. I was thinking of teaching music as a back up plan. But I just knew I always wanted to make music.

Do you think producers get the credit and recognition they deserve in the music industry?

Uh …. Nah. Not all the way. I think it’s in there, though. I see a lot of producers like DJ Mustard and Metro, they inspire me because I feel like they’re getting a spotlight so it’s definitely something I’m working to get into.

And what do you think producers could do to get a little more recognition?

Dropping songs with producers being the main artist, I think that’s a major step. You gotta brand yourself, gotta be in the music videos, make sure you’re getting seen.

You’ve worked with some big name artists, and now you are stepping from the behind the scenes to make music of your own. Talk to me about that decision.

It’s something I’ve always planned on doing I always knew I wanted to drop a single as a producer. I just had to have the right song and it just had to be the right time. I have a lot of music on the radio, and this is the right track and the perfect timing.

What does becoming a hip hop curator mean for you as a producer, will you do both?

Definitely. I never plan to stop being a producer. I want to do like Khaled, he drops his own album, but he’s not rapping or singing. My goal is to gather a project where everything on it is what I’ve produced.

Your new single ‘Rain Down’ is releasing soon, what kind of energy are you bringing to the table with that?

You can expect my sound. I like up-tempo, but still, R&B. Definitely something musical but still going to have a great vibe. You can play it in the club or listen to it in the crib.

How soon after ‘Rain Down’ release can we expect more music from you?

I’m going to be dropping my EP called ‘Moments’ I’m getting the songs together now. I have a lot of crazy artists on there. So hopefully, within the next month or two.

Is there anything other than your transition to music artist that you’re working on?

I work with a collective of producers that I work with called Neutral Records. We got a lot of stuff that we’ve been producing that’s going to be coming out soon. I also have some merch dropping soon, too. these are things I’ve been working on for a while now.

If you haven’t already, take the time to check OG’s debut single, ‘Rain Down’ right here:

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