OG Maco is Back With International DJ/Producer KinoBeats

OGG Boss OG Maco (@OGMACO)and International DJ/Producer KinoBeats (@KinoBeats) are the trap MJ & Scottie Pippen. Although they were last seen on an extensive tour in Europe & Asian. The duo starts the Spring with a speaker-rattling banger entitled “Check On Me.” The impressive cut is finessed with instrumentation from KinoBeats and serves as the official first single from the producers compilation album entitled “Work As Usual.”  

“I Took my talents overseas but now that bastard back.” 
In regards to how OG and Kino have taken their talents beyond the seven seas they now return home with this banger. 
This song has a deep personal connection for me and Maco. I was in Los Angeles with Maco when he was hospitalized. I told him my flight leaves for Virginia the next day. Maco rises from his hospital bed rips the IV’s out of his arm turns to me and says “Lets go to the studio now Kino.” To my caution and surprise the very next hour we were in the studio recording “Check On Me.

Stream “Check On Me” below!

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