OG Bobby Billions Wants More Than Just Gold!

OG Bobby Billions mastered the art of transparency while maintaining his artistry.

OG Bobby Billions recently touched the the status of Gold with single “Outside” featuring the late MO3; which exposed him to audiences worldwide who have never heard of him before. Add in another assist to push him to new heights from Blueface and you got a new star from Dallas, Texas. More than his music just speaking to him via Zoom confirmed that his soul is gold and that’s why he is winning!

The label “Ghetto Gospel” is fairly accurate to describe Billion’s sound, however it is not the only box you can put it in. It’s dynamic and adaptable to multiple generations because of the essence of his music. One thing we all share in common as people is the ability to feel and deal with pain; one of the core roots of OG’s subject matter.

We all want the superpower to get over are obstacles. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s impossible but with artists like OG Bobby Billions; it can become a bit more soothing. To put it simply, he curates authentic messages to shed light on the residents of the streets to ensure they have a voice from him.

More than “Outside,” he he a full on artist and should be appreciated for that.

Anyways, as a music artist Billions is more than just “Outside,” his catalog is expansive; and is growing daily. While his obligation is to continue to procure music and push all his records to at least Platinum, it’s our duty as media to ensure he gets his “roses” for him as a whole.

Singles over the past few months such as “No Brakes,” “Food Stamp Baby,” Ft. Trapboy Freddy & Uno Loso, and “Blood Brothers” Ft. Tye Harris, which showcases versatile and long term potential. To achieve status beyond gold, you must continue to show and progress an artist. That trait is what OG has in spades. While the content is still heartfelt, the style of each single is presented differently to fit the mood of the track.

On the journey to “platinum plaques,” an inside joke between us and one of his next goals, you must show new side of artistry

“No Brakes” is more melodic and a but faster than usual from him which helps translate to an audience which prefers more up-tempo tunes. It’s also a tribute to his friend whim he lost, as the video is showing his funeral, it’s beautiful to see OG his gift of music to bring closure on that situation. “Food Stamp Baby” is more of continuation of the sound from “Outside” that a little less churchy and more radio. It’s a grittier take on real life topics that’s my personal favorite from him. Features from Trapboy Freddy and Uno Loso help give it a more diverse perspective as well.

Everything is from the soul, more than music. It’s coming from me but I hope it speaks for more people who are going through life each and every day.

OG Bobby Billions

“Blood Brothers” is more of a conversation song between Billions and Harris where they discuss trust issues among men. It’s presented in a manner that’s refreshing and enjoyable to watch. Add the unique aesthetic all of his visuals have and you got an artist who established a new genre for himself to master, “Ghetto Gospel.” You can’t even draw up comparisons to OG Bobby Billions, he’s truly a one of a kind artist who deserves more praise.

Next steps fomr OG Bobby Billions

For him to stand out in 2021, a year where repetitive acts in hip hop can tire people, Billions brings hope for more original and heartfelt acts to rise. I wait in much anticipation for a full project from him, new music, and potential collaborations! We spoke about Morray specifically because that will blend as well as butter on bread but I expect Billions to surprise me!

Regardless of what he decides to do, I know it will continue to be a new generation voice of the streets. Tune into minister OG Bobby Billions and his music of street solutions; it’s pleasing on the ears and good for the soul.

As I grow into my artistry, I just want to come up with timeless songs that inspire people to go through their grinds with a smile on their face and know better days are coming.

OG Bobby Billions
What’s next for him? We hope it’s an album! Comment below what would you want to see!

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