Offset Jim Brings Flare On ‘Rich Off The Pack’

Offset Jim is not afraid to let people know that he is the man. His newest album is 9 flex-worthy tracks that are not for insecure music listeners. Jim’s lazy but poignant flow keeps getting better with each song. In an industry full of melodic rappers, Jim sticks to his signature Bay Area style. Offset Jim gets straight to the point on his newest LP, Rich Off The Pack, without gimmicks. The Play Runners Association/EMPIRE release should be in any hustler’s rotation. Jim’s personality can be felt throughout the album, and this is super rare. The features from Babyface Ray, EST Gee, and ALLBLACK perfectly complement the West Coast rapper’s style.

Rich off The Pack Cover Art

Rich Off The Pack benefits from Jim’s brilliant beat selection–the lion’s share of the album’s production comes from DTB, a Bay Area producer specializing in glistening keys and mob-style bass. Still, it also features a supremely ominous beat from Kenny Beats on the lead single “Face Card.” A native of a neighborhood in Oakland known as the Murder Dubs, Jim made a splash in 2019 with two projects. Moreover, his solo effort No Pressure featured the local hit title track and 22nd Ways, his collab mixtape with ALLBLACK. This is home to Bay Area favorites “Trip On It” (over 7 million Spotify streams) and “Fees” ft. Capolow.

Offset Jim is a favorite collaborator of many on the West Coast scene, with tracks on the books with G-EazyNef The PharaohShootergang KonyBravo The Bagchaser, and more. With Rich Off The Pack hitting the digital airwaves, Jim looks to raise his profile from local hero to national concern.

Lastly, take a listen to Offset Jim’s newest effort Rich Off The Pack, here below!

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