Obas Delivers On “Hug The Streets Hard” Ft. Rick Ross

From escaping gunshots in Haiti’s streets to going for days without food, very few live to tell the tale. Haitian-American artist, Obas (Only Believers Achieve Success). Displays his guillotine mind frame of rapping as he tells that story of dedication and determination; no matter the odds.

After being exposed to extreme poverty and violence at a young age in Haiti, Obas would later relocate to Connecticut where he’s currently based. He further describes his experience in Haiti as he states,

“It’s 100 degrees. Tropical weather. Sometimes it’s no food. Grandma taking grains of salt and just putting it under your tongue and sending you off to school. Gunshots every night. That’s a real thing in Haiti. There’s so much political turmoil that the average man becomes a thug by nature.”

Despite his struggles from his early upbringing and being the third youngest from a family of ten children. Obas would turn to the streets as an outlet, till he later found his passion in music which changed his life not only forever but for the better.

“Hug The Streets Hard” featuring Rick Ross lyrcizes going from illegal activities to owning a business, empowering those around you. Described as an ode to the underdog, he brings his artistic vision to reality. Providing hope to millions back home in the slums of Haiti. “Hug The Streets Hard” tells the story of a black sheep who grew up in a benevolent world.

For more information and news related to Obas, be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter: @IAmObas. Be sure to stream the full track below,


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