Number One Charting Producer: C-Ray collabs with Sophia Treadway on Her Next Single: “KissNTell”.

C-Ray is known for his work producing on K-Ci & JoJo’s “My Brother’s Keeper”, Charting #1 on the iTunes charts, and many other music industry accolades. His most recent focus has been artist development – grooming a young popstar by the name of Sophia Treadway.

It’s clear C-Ray has chosen wisely, as Sophia has already amassed over 300,000 streams on Spotify. On Youtube – She’s amassed 100’s of thousands more. Her star is truly on the rise.

When we asked Sophia what it’s like to work with such a high level producer, she said:

“C-Ray really listens to the artist. He understands what I’m trying to go for before he executes. The sound is always right in the pocket of what I’m looking for but with a really dope edge that he brings to the table. It’s been nothing but easy, free-flowing and fun working with C-Ray. And the product is always dope”

Sophia Treadway’s “KissNTell” drops on June 10 and is highly anticipated by her fans. This will also be accompanied by a video dropping soon after, we have no doubt this will be her biggest release yet.

Check out Sophia’s latest music video “I’m Good”  I’m good along with her other socials below:

I’m Good (Official Music Video) 



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