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Over the years, the LGBTQ+ community and music have proved to be a ‘synonymous’ way of life. Beginning in the 19th century, LGBTQ+ sounds started in New Orleans in 1890. Its contents mainly showcase vexation, nervousness, and aspiration related to prescriptive sexual gender identities. The result led to providing disempowered groups with an essential policy for expression. This is where Now Entertainment comes in!

Now Entertainment, a Georgia-located independent media company founded by Tony Marcus Fountain, not only is all about indie music but also supports LGBTQ. The company’s rainbow logo on GIPHY and Pride Snapchat lens celebrate queer personalities.

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In familiar times, when a person notifies their family they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual, it may likely lead to the loss of family, friends, and one’s faith. In 1977, late American disc jockey Frankie Knuckles opened a Chicago club called The Warehouse — an associate-only location often visited by black and Latino’ pink’ men. The 80s augmented an increase in exposure to LGBTQ music industry culture, mostly cross-dressing alongside gender-bending with artists. The likes of George Michael, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Culture Club, and others.

Through the 90s and advance, ‘Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Questioning’ displayed veteran laws that condemned homophobia in societies, which had an outpouring surge in allies. Slowly, music videos took up suggestions for LGBTQ affairs, not excluding Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ and ‘Domino Dancing’ by Pet Shop Boys. Songs such as ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga, Janelle Monáe’s ‘PYNK,’ Elton John’s ‘I’m Still Standing’ and ‘I Want To Break Free’ by rock band Queen; as a whole, praised the LGBTQ+ movement.

Viewing musical art from a neutral gender outlook, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Semler fuses LGBTQ into Christian music. Semler, recognized for her distinct sound, made their way on iTunes Christian music charts, peaking at the no #1 spot. Semler’s song ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’ also attained the summit on Now Entertainment’s list of the top songs of the year 2022.

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