Norie Brings Back Real Lyricism Through His Music

Norie is a Richmond native whose desire to preserve and tell his story led him into his music career. He began experimenting with music and recording lyrics in 2008 while a sophomore at Henrico High school. After graduating high school, Norie was able to devote more time to hone in on his craft. His determination and ambition lead him to relocate to Atlanta, Georgia in 2012 in the pursuit of different opportunities. 

While making business connections and preforming at various venues in the area Norie discovered important aspects of music industry; and, in 2016 he took his knowledge back with him to Richmond ready to apply what he has learned. The transition back to Richmond allowed him to reconnect with his roots and begin recording and writing newly inspired songs.

Norie merges his past struggles and future goals to paint a picture of how he intends to represent the best of Richmond. His style focuses on injecting realism into his songs, which has made him relatable to a wide audience despite the uniqueness of his stories. Noire draws inspiration from a variety of old and new rappers from Ace Hood to J. Cole; this has furthered led Norie into creating his own sound and voice that he hopes will be able to reach millions.

Stream his latest project below!

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