Noah Ashton Unleashed His Single, “No Way”

Courtesy of RMS ENTERTAINMENT, their signee Noah Ashton releases his most recent release titled, “No Way“.  The new trendy track creates a compelling atmosphere that is packed with seductive melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

His record is sure to entice the ears and hype the headphones of hip hop fans all over. Although it’s relaxing, it’s compiled with so much authenticity. As a result, making for an emotional yet majestic listen.

Noah Ashton “No Way” Cover Art

“No Way” Noah Ashton Returns With His Latest Offering

Additionally, the new offering serves as a reality check that will grab listeners and draw them into Noah’s life in a way that is both engaging and relatable. Enabling his listeners to live in the moment and appreciate the honesty within his music. 

Noah Ashton’s music is motivated by a desire to reshape a generation and fascinate listeners all across the world. Born into a musical family, he chose music as an outlet and means of self expression growing up. Fast forward to today and he’s paving the way for a successful solo music career. He’s determined to fast-track himself to establishing a household name and becoming a key figure in indie hip-hop circles.

Throughout the years, he has overcome hardships and turmoil. Resulting in him using his experiences to fuel his music and help others. Within his lyricism he details vital life lessons. His music is impactful as it’s laced with relatable bars laid over innovative beats. He creates a distinct sound by combining his experiences and musical knowledge.

Good Music, Authentic Vibes

The trenches, powerful women, art, and many aspects of his life are all sources of inspiration for Noah Ashton. His ultimate goal is to create music that is both enjoyable and distinctive. Also, he wants to make a difference in people’s lives through his music and leave a distinct and unforgettable legacy.

His dedication has earned him praise from peers and viewers. As well as a variety of interesting and unusual possibilities including meeting and performing for Travis Scott. Also, his record “Inna Bricks” has amassed over 100K streams and counting. 

His discography (musical catalog) is made up of a king list of hits! His best-known works to date consist of: “Almighty No,” “Almighty No 2,” “Planet Shrooms,” “The Gems,” “Another Year Vol. 2,” “Inna Bricks,” “No Way,” and “Doja”. all of which are poetic masterpieces that have garnered positive feedback.

What’s Next For Noah Ashton?

He is currently working on a self-titled project that will showcase a more vulnerable side of his artistry. It’ll genuinely describe and reflect his story. This is the music that will challenge our perceptions while also inspiring and motivating us to have introspective conversations. Music has needed a new message for a long time and now it is finally here! (For a long time, music has lacked a fresh message, and now it has arrived!) 

As long as artists like Noah exist and his story and voice are heard, this is the music that, while it may not change the world — it may alter the people who listen to it. His artistry and music provides a new wave and a new formula. Once you press play on this record, you’ll immediately be moved by it.

Lastly, Noah Ashton’s most recent release is more than just a catchy hit. In fact, he’s bringing an explosive banger that will resonate in people’s minds for generations to come. Don’t believe me? Press play on his latest offering and let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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