No Komment Releases “Hellisland” Visual

No Komment is a Pakistani-American musician who has his mindset on perfecting his craft. After starting rap battling to prove his mettle in his hometown, Ossining, NY, he moved on to recording music. You could describe his sound as refreshing and bright. No Komment has some songs that lean darker than others, but he is the type of artist who likes to create brighter-sounding music – think, Kanye’s “Graduation”, early 50 Cent, Roddy Ricch’s biggest hits.

When asked when he started taking his music seriously, No Komment responded, “I started doing rap battles when I was 11/12 years old. I played basketball most of my life, and it was customary to have “cutting sessions” where everyone would crack jokes on each other before/after practice and games. As a brown kid in New York post 9/11, the terrorist jokes were easy to make but still cut deep.

No Komment Has Been Through It All

I realized I had to come back with some heat and always had a weird ability to make words rhyme when we had to write things like poetry in class, so I just leaned into that. Moreover, I ended up rap battling throughout high school. I even had rappers who had graduated and were full-on artists come to the school to battle me – I still don’t think anybody is seeing me off the top of the dome. I started taking music seriously when I was 16 and started recording with all my friends making beats. We wanted to be the next A$AP Mob or Flatbush Zombies, and we started making some outstanding music. Ever since then, I’ve taken music seriously but gone through different waves of how to approach it.”

No Komment has been working hard in the studio nonstop. He is trying to record as much as possible by the end of the year. No Komment has connected with some significant artists in the past couple of months and plans to bring some fantastic features to the table as he starts releasing more music in 2022. A few of his most significant accomplishments thus far are receiving hundreds of DMs from people worldwide, telling him they love the music. Along with releasing his new visual for his track “Hellisland,” he is gearing up to drop his debut album this month. Be sure to check it out once it drops!

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