Nnaharo is in the spotlight, as he just released another creation for us to lend our ears; A freestyle to one of Drake’s newest songs on  C.L.B., named “You Only Live Twice”, on SoundCloud. 

Along with his latest release, Nnaharo has been working on a new tape called “Lost Boy Wonders”. With his lead single already out on all platforms, “Bittersweet”, we can expect to see the rest of the project real soon.

“For the most part, this project is really helping me find out things about myself that I didn’t know before, and it will show a side of myself that no one has ever seen.”


 He’s been involved with music for a long time, being that his father was a reggae artist. From a young age Nnaharo, or “Ro”, could remember his father recording in front of him, finding himself oftentimes confused about his passion. Yet, later immersed himself in this art that he was oblivious to yet surrounded by, and flourished.  His love for a multitude of genres expanded his musical pallet— evidently, it shows. 

Nnaharo utilizes his background in music and his keen ear for all types of different genres in his own craft, making him unstoppable. In the interview with Nnaharo, the artist mentioned how he pays close attention to the little things like tone of voice in the music that he listens to and tries to implement those same key elements in his music. 

“I like to make sure that my music sounds the way I want it to sound. I do a bar over and over with different cadences and change my words until it sounds like the way I want it to…”


Although Nnaharo has done many open mics in his hometown, he takes it often as therapy. For him, this presents an opportunity to fully be free and communicate these same therapeutic sensations to his audience. 

Nnaharo’s first song ever released was “Begonia”, accompanied with a video that you can check out below!

Stay tuned for more from Nnaharo the Lost Boy, and check him out on all platfroms!

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