Nino Brown Tags Deebo Lotti For “Married to the Money”

Miami’s Nino Brown and homie Deebo Lotti drop “Married to the Money” after his popping single with Kevin Gates. This sauced up single provide context on what is important to Nino Brown and collaborator Deebo Lotti. The hook is pretty self-explanatory, women are great but money is what is most essential. Deebo Lotti stated that his first meeting with Nino Brown was so genuine that he felt comfortable enough flying out to the 305 to record their new smash single.

Since they were together they shot a video and TCE Films perfectly captured the essence of the record. The video shows both artists sliding around in exotic vehicles and flexing hundreds. This is the quintessential Miami record that will prove to be a regional favorite for a while.

Check out the visual for “Married to the Money” below!

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