Niño Brown drops newest single, Chicago House inspired “Love Sick”

Award winning rapper and singer-songwriter Niño Brown, just dropped his sixth single from his long awaited album, Redbone. The recent single marks his twelfth music video in twelve months. Last August Niño burst onto the rap music scene with his song of the summer “Summer Rain” and had consistently dominated a genre many consider him to be a newcomer in. “The reality is there is nothing new about me being in the world of rap” says Brown. Brown, also known as Cortez Garza, an award winning singer-songwriter, most known for his Americana music stylings, is from Atlanta, Georgia and cites artist Tupac Shakur and Lauren Hill as two of his biggest influences when making music of any variety. “Although hip-hop is at the core of this new project, I’ve allowed myself to not be put in a box and focus more on going with my gut when recording in the studio and writing songs moving forward”, says Brown. “Love Sick” seems to be a prime example of said creed as it is a blurry happening of styles with heavy emphasis on Nińo Browns vocal abilities. “I was exposed to Chicago House when I was a kid and became heavily involved in the  underground dance music scene so It’s impossible to ignore the influence of artist like Deee-lite or even Blondie on a track like this”, said Brown. The track was produced by Atlanta hip-hop stalwart ihateyoujonny, a frequent collaborator of Browns, and recorded, mixed and mastered by Kxng Blanco, a local rap superstar and resident engineer at Ga Pro Studio in Athens, Georgia. “This is the 1st track Kxng Blanco and I recorded together and to be honest I wasn’t sure what he would think about the song because I knew it was very niche and a far cry from what he was used to working on with the local rappers so when I saw he was fucking with it, that really told me how mature a musical palette he had, and thus a we’ve made some of the best music of my career together since”, said Brown. The video production was brought together with powerhouse visual team, Brasher Media and recorded on location in Athens, Ga at The Rabbit Hole Studios. “Brasher Media has produced the last 10 or so videos that I’ve done so we kind of have it down to a science, no treatment or script, just guerrilla style video making” offers Brown. Never known for writing the same song twice, Niño Brown made a promise to himself and the community and has been delivering on that promise in spades.  

“Love Sick” is available everywhere today

vvvv video link below vvvv

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